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  1. The best game you'll never play. Why? AFK lifeskilling all the time.
  2. Bear

    Turn OFF Server chat

    Do players receive chat bans? The rampant xenophobia and racism is awful.
  3. Bear

    Next Gen Plans

    Every Xbox game will be compatible with future machines. When their next generation of hardware is out, BDO will be playable, as will the current 360 and OG Xbox BC titles. No need to worry.
  4. Bear

    Which xbox for a new user?

    X is better across the board. I went to a friend's house to speedrun RE2 just today, and it ran like hot rubbish on her S, compared to its performance on my Xs at home. The gulf is really widening.
  5. Bear

    UK Preorder price change - UPDATED.

    It's probably changed to match the price of other regions. UK is usually more expensive than other regions, but strangely, BDO's pricing was very generous. This is probably PA making an adjustment, but if you've pre-order already, you'll be fine. Or it could be the looming No-Deal Brexit effect. 😱
  6. Bear

    Market Place

    I miss the days of simple player-run stalls, and having to browse a laggy, over-crowded plaza in the hopes of finding something you might need. There was a charm to that.
  7. Bear

    The joke is on you PA

    "I'm soon 25. I've been a console gamer since I can remember, and I don't think I have ever dealt with such a bitter and entitled community like this." A year delay is not all that bad, especially in a year that was chock-full of stellar releases. At least you have a firm release date now. *shrug*
  8. Bear

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    This is the only game in the world where UK prices aren't completely outrageous compared to the US prices.
  9. Bear

    Good Game

    It could have been worse, to be honest. But we're on the last leg of this marathon now, though.
  10. Chill out, guys. Perhaps, for once, we can leave the negativity at the door?
  11. Bear

    Another Open Letter

    I have one, too.
  12. You smash the RB button into bits.
  13. Bear

    Black Desert When

    It's DEFINITELY one of the above. 🤔
  14. Bear

    Help me CM Simon

    Pricing varies in regions because they need to fit the economical climate of that country. The Hong Kong marketplace, for example, is usually much cheaper, but that is appropriate for the way their economy operates. Minimum wage there, after all, is around $30-$40 HKD, which is around £3-£4 GBP. If a game isn't released in that territory, and they have to buy it from a different marketplace, it really can be much more expensive.
  15. Bear


    https://discord.gg/PEf83pz That's a link for the official discord, run by the CMs.