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  1. Bear

    The joke is on you PA

    "I'm soon 25. I've been a console gamer since I can remember, and I don't think I have ever dealt with such a bitter and entitled community like this." A year delay is not all that bad, especially in a year that was chock-full of stellar releases. At least you have a firm release date now. *shrug*
  2. Bear

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    This is the only game in the world where UK prices aren't completely outrageous compared to the US prices.
  3. Bear

    Good Game

    It could have been worse, to be honest. But we're on the last leg of this marathon now, though.
  4. Chill out, guys. Perhaps, for once, we can leave the negativity at the door?
  5. Bear

    Another Open Letter

    I have one, too.
  6. You smash the RB button into bits.
  7. Bear

    Black Desert When

    It's DEFINITELY one of the above. 🤔
  8. Bear

    Help me CM Simon

    Pricing varies in regions because they need to fit the economical climate of that country. The Hong Kong marketplace, for example, is usually much cheaper, but that is appropriate for the way their economy operates. Minimum wage there, after all, is around $30-$40 HKD, which is around £3-£4 GBP. If a game isn't released in that territory, and they have to buy it from a different marketplace, it really can be much more expensive.
  9. Bear


    https://discord.gg/PEf83pz That's a link for the official discord, run by the CMs.
  10. Bear

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    Me and my crew are hoping to level up and become as strong as possible ASAP, so we can hunt down PKers.
  11. Bear

    Regions need an answer

    For Asia/Oceania players, which server are you more likely to choose? This decisions pains me with every MMO. NA provides better ping, but EU can provide a healthier population due to the timezones.
  12. Bear

    Received Enforcement From Live

    This has to be my favourite troll account on the forum. You capture the childish, petty nonsense of an aggravated PlayStation fanboy perfectly. I applaud your performance. 🙄
  13. Bear

    End of Beta Survey

    The surveys allows for multiple responses. I hope you can filter out many that may have been sent from the same users for balanced, genuine survey results.
  14. An elite (or any xbox controller at that) with a chatpad makes for a wonderful combination, and it's far better than dealing with a cumbersome keyboard that may or may not abide and jive well with your console gaming set-up. A chatpad is always there, on-hand and never out of reach.
  15. Bear


    This is reminding me of a player called Amin_Ashmed or something, spamming the in-game chat about how BDO is P2W and TERA is a 10x better game on the beta's server chat. If anyone else has seen him, you'll know of whom I speak.