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  1. I’m just posting this to get some feedback to see if anyone else has noticed this. The ps4 community needs to calm down. The game released a couple of weeks ago and a lot of them are asking about a lot of stuff we didn’t get for months. Of course this is natural because it’s out on PC, Xbox, etc but the way they’re asking is just kinda rude. Usually when people ask about a class, or systems you’ll get the answer soon or in the future from Simon. Usually it’s goes like “hey when will we be getting so and so class”? These people are generally just demanding things and questions like “WHY ISNT ARCHER OUT YET”, “WHY DONT WE HAVE AWAKENINGS YET”. Like this game just launched for you. If we had to wait then you’re definitely going to have to wait. They’re also asking for things that Xbox hasn’t gotten yet. If we haven’t gotten it then you definitely won’t be getting till we get it. I get when we first launched we wanted to know what was coming next and what the next big thing was, but I don’t recall anyone being rude and demanding things. Everyone was just over curious. p.s I’m not saying all people from ps4 comm are like this, of course not, but I’ve just noticed it enough. You know?
  2. I personally thing that the next class to come out will be Mystic. I then think it will be followed by Meahwa, Tamer, Valk, and then Kuno. I’m just putting them is this order because of what I’ve seen on discord and forums of what people want. Also some of these maybe released at the same time.
  3. Honestly I kinda agree with the whole "demands" thing. Some of the requests that affect QOL are nice and some are just kinda stupid. Like someone said the loot and interact button was too big. Are you just standing their during combat to where you can't see??? Also some of these are not possible. People are also complaining about using the OG Xbox and asking for performance fixes to suit them. This game is demanding. Either upgrade or sit in the dust. Sorry to tell you that's just how it is. They can't help you. I also agree this should be for actual issues like the market exploit, or skills not being able to be learned. QOL will happen in time. There is bigger problems at the moment then the most minor QOL issues. People are also saying they're not going to preorder or get until they are in game. Get over it honestly.
  4. MmMmMmM. I tHiNk I'm GoInG tO uSe ThE dEaTh SpElL lAtEr. I'm GoInG tO uSe It On ThAt DuMb B*•*• TrYiNg To DiVoRcE mE. aFtEr CaLlInG tHe AtToRnEy.
  5. The amount of brain cells I'm losing from all the autism in this post.
  6. I'd go Maewah. We don't know what combat is like and what the patch history is. If it's true vanilla. Your looking at Maewah till a year or so (rough estimate) till musa gets better. Over all I can't decide for you. If you can't decide watch videos and look at the moves and see what one appeals to you more.
  7. Remember everyone. The keyword in "It was a great day to show many of the things that Black Desert has to offer, and hopefully we will be inviting them into our world very soon." is hopefully. HOPEFULLY. ㅋㅇㅋ
  8. Whenever this game comes out this year or even next. Who knows. I hope it just doesn't turn into terra and kinda fade away into the background. A lot of this game's hype has kinda died, and I feel like some people have forgotten about it honestly. I want it to do well, but I'm kinda worried it won't. With all the delays people have forgot and some have just gotten sick of waiting, but I see people leave then they comeback so it's kinda a back and fourth on people giving up. Communication has been terrible up until E3 with Simon being the most communicative rep/CM of Pearl Abyss. Now we get Dev notes , thank god and keep them coming Simon, which shows how's the game coming along. Yet I still don't think it's enough. Everything has just kinda died out in a sense. Well in my perspective it has. We're in a weird spot right now. Nothings happening yet it is and I feel a lot of people are excited but not really. Kinda like a ehh feeling. when the game launches it will be rough for sure. Though when it does launch I feel like we'll make it through it but this version won't be near PC level unless there's some major advertising or something from Microsoft or whatever. Idunno only time with tell I suppose.
  9. I feel like male ranger with do what female should've done but I don't think it will personally bring anything revelutionary with it. Could be fun though. Just have to wait and see.
  10. I wish we had footage of the character creator compared to the pc version and how it worked. I would be happy even with a 1 min video showing it honestly. They've showed almost everything up to this point but not the CC. I thought something that BDO is know for widely would be shown. Even a little bit.
  11. Personally I would want Maewah. I would also be cool for Kuno/Ninja, DK, or 란 too!
  12. Recently Beond created a Xbox club for Black Desert. The club is public so anyone can join. If any of you are interested then feel free to join. The name is just Black Desert Xbox. Also for any interested. There is a public discord for Black Desert Xbox as well that I will leave here https://discord.gg/u8JkhJ5 for anyone insterested as well.
  13. In the pearl abyss, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The guy said that the demo was to be released in September. It's probably a approximation. Some time between September and October. He asked one of the developers there and they probably told him that. So we do have a date for the beta. I have trust since he went there himself and I don't think he pulled it out of his a** either. I guess we'll all have to wait till then to see if it's true or not.
  14. Honestly I agree with you. Everyone is freaking out about the controls of it all and honestly they'll probably change the ui once more. Example. These are all the notable Ui changes that I've gathered through out the last year. They're all relative pretty different. So expect the Ui to change probably again or be tweaked. Most likely tweaked. The combat will definatly not stay this way. If so then pearl abyss had defiantly reached lvls of brain dead. The guy had other buttons and inputs to used instead of just the ring system, but probably found it and was shocked and continued to use it. So honestly for anyone who reads this. Don't be so god damn distraught from it. It's not going to stay that way. Also for everyone to know. Pearly abyss may have very poor communication skills, but they do watch. With translation and everything. It probably comes off as a bitch to get everyone's feed back and translation is never 100% correct. So in my advice everyone needs to calm the f*** down, and wait for more info instead of deciding your option from one guys video that was 5 mins long. Only 1 min was over combat. So everyone... relax.
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