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  1. I wonder if anyone else is having this issue? Since no replies to this maybe not but I did see other issues with the Beauty Album but not crashing the game. Which now is doing that every time I try and open it or take a screenshot using it. I guess I won't use it until someone this bug is fixed.
  2. My issue is that just opening the Beauty Album crashes the game most times I open it. When it does work I have an issue with my character benign focus when doing a close up portrait style screenshot. Oh and I am playing on a PS4 Pro.
  3. I have a ps4 pro, and almost every time I open up the beauty album it immediately crashes the game.
  4. My main character is fine but a second character every time I log in I have to re-do the ring menu settings. I hope this is fixed soon very annoying.
  5. Having the option to hide UI in the list of control options in Observe mode would be great. we could take great screenshots of the surrounding area and even of our characters. It is the only way I can adjust the camera for a good portrait our characters. I hope this is a doable thing to add to the game. This is for Xbox only since there is a different version of observe mode on the pc. That and hiding the UI on the PC also gives on lots of viewing options for those great screenshots. Also adding another plug for making walking in our homes default so we aren't stuck running around in a small area bumping into things.
  6. From what I have seen it will be a while before it is decided to add walking anywhere in the game like on the PC. But in our homes forced to run in them gets very annoying and doesn't make any sense at all. If there is a way to make walking the default option inside ones home or friends, then please I would be very happy to see that done.
  7. I do hope at sometime in the future at least walking in homes could be set as a default? Won't need an added action if that were the case. Currently forced to run in your own home or visiting a friends is ridiculous.
  8. From what I have read so far there are no plans for walking in general to be added to the game. I know it took a long time to have it added to the pc. But in player homes I would like to see walking set as default. It makes no sense to be forced to run in a home. Especially the smaller ones.
  9. I love the knowledge aspect of this game so taking my time. I want to make my Lahn well rounded character. No plans for PVP at all. After 4 years of Aion I am done with that, lol. I wonder though if there are plans for a Tamer if anyone knows. I do play this on my pc so have one. I would like to know what skills a Lahn gets past level 20? There is no mention of Lahn on the official Xbox Black Desert site as it isn't included in the list of classes yet.
  10. Right now there is Lahn but no Tamer on Xbox. I like Lahn so far but if I want to play a tamer have play on my pc.
  11. I don't have Spotify on my Xbox yet but ran another app in the background and that worked. It does pause/dark but never went to sleep and logged me from the game.
  12. I will try that
  13. First my xbox is connected via ethernet not wifi, don't turn of my TV while it is on, ever. My xbox has always paused/gone dark for every game if idle too long. I get updates normally. I guess I can call Xbox support to find out if there is something wrong with mine. It is the Xbox One X, But even the normal Xbox One did this. Also it isn't the internet at all. It kicks me out of the game because the xbox goes into sleep mode.
  14. Yea i now plug in my controller while afk and yea it doesn't log out if it goes into pause (dark) mode but if you stay idle too long it will sleep which logs from the game. But so far, as someone suggested in I think it was Reddit, to put the controller upside down so it rests on the right thumb stick that works. I just wish the Xbox gave you a choice of not going into pause mode at all. But that's Microsoft. I have no such issue on my ps4, there is an option to not have it pause the game while idle.
  15. It's not the power setting nothing to do with that, I have already set it to never turn off, or shutdown. It's idle time where the xbox pauses the game, then after a long while it will go into sleep mode cause me to log out of the game. There is absolutely no option to keep the xbox from pausing or going to sleep. I looked this up further and others have this same issue. So far the only resolution is to put the controller upside down so it is resting on the right thumb stick which causes the camera to go around and around. Oh my tv doesn't shut off at all.
  16. My main issue is if I need to afk for fishing, tending a garden etc I will never be able to do so. I have the Xbox X and have set it to never shut off. That does not affect the fact if idle for long it pauses the game and even longer it goes to sleep and logs out of the game. There is absolutely no option like that on the Xbox to change that. I can on my ps4 and am able to afk when needed with a game like FF14. I have seen this topic before but no one seem to have this issue. I have done a lot of searches and see no option to stop the xbox from pausing a game or going to sleep.
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