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  1. Gues i will make basi belts then
  2. This i know. Manufacture in processing window is what we use for Capotia and we cant put in the materials to make another ring.
  3. Only require knowledge to melt accesories not to craft the ring so far i know. So yes i would gues.
  4. Can not select materials in manufacture to craft a secondary capotia ring ? Is this not in our game yet ? Really confusing since yona and the capotia itself says what we need to do.
  5. Next time please include this in the news: 1. What channel this will start on 2. Include CEST/UK time etc etc.. in the message/news for people we are european after all. 3. GM events like hiking mountains are not really that interesting, we rather fight GM's in RBF to have fun. 4. GM Events like hiking make it a day or so one can actually complete it as time for people is precious which many do not have.
  6. Says Pending, not my native language but seems its not processed yet ?
  7. Why did you buy this game... just stay lvl 49 if you dont like pvp and farm potatoes
  8. Can we get evaluation of this, 5x this week i use more then 600 energy and 6 pickaxes a day to see 0 hard and 1 sharp.... no wonder there is always a major waiting list on preorder for the concentrated stones Buff plz
  9. Many things need to be implemented still.
  10. Flute 30 days active but does not work on the camel inside valencia or outside and it says: You can call your mount even further away using horse flute. Anyone else have this problem ?
  11. Can we combine daily scrolls on xbox and is there a expected date for family name in chat ?
  12. I dont see a problem in the OP, and no im not a striker
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