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  1. <SuperBadLegion> **EU SERVER** Recruiting active and dedicated people wanting to progress in the PvP side of BDO. We NW 3x a week currently looking to extend this with more recruits, Our NW leaders have a vast amount of experience leading on both xbox and high end pc NWs We have an active discord and organise loads of events and NWs via discord We all have a laugh and are always around for a chat or to help others We are taking on any gs and any level atm as we will happily help and encourage newer players to level and help teach. Drop me a message below or message me on XBL - ElusiveNovias Cheers all.
  2. Bump Come join an active friendly community with competitive node wars and fun events
  3. <Virtue> guild is recruiting to expand its PvP rosta, We have an active friendly guild recruiting all types of players, in particular PvP players. Most members are 450+ but minimum gs req is 400, exceptions made for people showing progress and wanting to move forward quickly, We our players vary in experience ranging from a few months played on xbox to 3 years on pc, the Node War leaders all have extensive experience leading node wars from both pc and xbox. We currently have 70 members (subject to change as guild carries on progressing) we are looking to recruit in more PvP focused players to continue doing node wars and push higher teir nodes, eventually siege wars. Alongside nw and sw we host a variety of events including pvp arena tournaments where we pay pearls, hide and seek, daily guild missions, bosses for people wanting them, guild wars, and are always looking for wars to keep our members active, entertained and happy here. We can help players learn new classes, help with gear, give tutorials in fail stacking if struggling, run scrolls for money, were a community focused guild and will be taking the PvP scene by storm *Discord is mandatory* If you are interested please post below your character name, gs and xbox GT so we can contact you best of luck! ElysiveNovias GT Litchborn IGN
  4. Hey man i need you gamertag so i can sort what server etc im Elusivenovias
  5. Hi ICantw84It, Im the pvp leader for primordial and just happen to be a dk ;) id be more than happy to help you mate
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