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  1. Well that's wrong because that's the population of the US... NA also includes Canada, Mexico and anyone in South America with a capable connection since there is only a server in NA, plus we have the Aussies too.
  2. I dont have it now, was this morning, I'll try to get some screenshots if I see him on server chat again.
  3. The reason I ask, is there was a guy in server chat, claiming he had 49 Kzarka boxes because he gets one almost everytime, and he was not lying, streamed it and everything. There is just no way someone could have that many Kzarka boxes if there is no exploit, and it isnt just him, I see the same people get the drop all the time, to the point they boast in chat before he spawns they're getting another box, then they're one of the ones to get one. I've never had one and I have everything I can at this stage to maximize drop chance, level 10 node (I know no one knows if that works), S knowledge on Kzarka, Kamasylve blessing, in the top of damage dealers etc, I get MoS all the time, but never a kzarka. If there is an exploit, it needs to be patched and their ill gotten gains removed, I wont begrudge someone better RNG than me, but 49? Come on... At current drop rates that's like 1 in a billion.
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