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  1. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Awesome, I finally got the ticket to go through and it's actually showing up as it being registered. Really wish someone had suggested this before. I should also note that the images were all smaller than the limit so it's clear there is still an issue with their system. Thank you Dmar613 for your help, whoever you are lol
  2. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot now.
  3. Old Man Spetz

    Sexism in MMORPGS

    Yes, we know your position. You stated it in your first post. I disagree and stated so in my post. I'm not sure why you are quoting me and responding. You wont change my mind; you can't change my mind. This is a video game, play it or don't. But stop trying to be political over a game and stop trying to ruin peoples fun and games simply because you think something is morally wrong. As long as consumers continue to purchase the products people will make them. If they make something that isn't popular they will know because they wont make the money. It's a simple process. Leave it be please. No GamerGate politics here please.
  4. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Just tried, yet again to submit a ticket and it isn't working. I need a way to contact someone about the money I've spent and a company that seems to not care about the people that support their jobs...
  5. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    So it's Monday, I've received no word from any GM's or admins, and I still cant submit a ticket. At some point will someone take this serious or do I need to start working on getting my few hundred dollars I've spent on myself, wife, and son back?
  6. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Tried to submit a ticket again, still doesn't seem to be working. Also including an image showing that I have no tickets to view...
  7. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Still no response...
  8. Old Man Spetz

    Choose any character name

    There is no "stealing" of names. There are plenty of games that have allowed gamers to share chr names because each account itself is an individual account. It's simply a matter of coding. For instance, I've been known as Corbin for many many years in MANY games. I would have loved to name my first character Corbin but wasn't allowed. It was unfortunate but it's something that can be changed and done easily. I like the idea.
  9. Old Man Spetz

    Sexism in MMORPGS

    My wife loves this game and absolutely loves her characters and her cute clothes. You may think something is morally or ethically wrong but that does not mean everyone agrees with you or should agree with you. If masses of people didn't like what the Devs were doing, the Devs would know and wouldn't do it. The fact that they still do it says something you should really consider. Not everyone is offended and if you are that offended you should likely find something that doesn't offend you. Seriously, please stop trying to make others follow your way of thinking; it isn't healthy and to attempt to is morally and ethically wrong.
  10. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Well, I haven't received a response yet and no email confirming that my ticket has been received orr any type of confirmation that my submission even worked...So I attempted to submit another ticket this morning and the same thing is happening. The FAQ says that purchasing the wrong items is easily fixed. I'm not really worried there. What does bother me is how the ticket submission system seems to not be working at all. Some feedback would be appreciated. Thank you, Brian aka Old Man Spetz
  11. Old Man Spetz

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Hello there, First, a brief explanation... So, I started this process about four and a half hours ago (it's now 7:30 pm central) because, like a scrub, I got excited about the Desert Camouflage sets and accidentally purchased a set for the wrong class. I got t he Dark Knight set and wanted the Striker set. Being VERY new to the game, I panicked for a few seconds and then went to the FAQ page. Learned I needed to submit a ticket. My first couple of attempts to submit a ticket was on my phone (a ZTE Blade Z Max 7982 android version 7.1.1). After figuring out which category I needed it moved me to the second page which asked if I found "this article" helpful...There was no article nor was there a "quick guide" to go with the question "Are you experiencing the following issue" (I should also note that this also happened when I moved to my PC). Hitting "Next" took me to the third step of filling out your questions and info page. Easy enough. So I fill it all out, triple check to make sure all is correct, and I click "Next"....Nothing happens. I wait a few minutes and press "Next" again. This time, 10 or 15 seconds later a small window pops up and says that my ticket has been submitted and gives me a confirm button to press. So I do...the small window goes away and my "ticket" form is just sitting there. I'm thinking normally this page should refresh and load some other page but it never does. I go to check my email to see if I have a confirmation that the ticket was received but I don't. I wait 10 minutes and decide to try again (still on my phone) So I go to start the process over but this time notice a "My tickets" tab. This is good, I click it and it's blank. I try to submit a ticket on my phone 2 more times to no avail. I then switched to my PC. Follow the steps, click the final "Next" button, this time getting a small box with the confirm button but no other text on it. I click confirm and that window closes and still, the page doesn't change or refresh. So I leave it open and open a new window to check my account and my tickets page. No tickets... SO I do some digging around and see an option of linking my account on Xbox to my account on the website. So I go through that process (whole other issues) and I finally get it linked. So I go through the ticket process one last time thinking this has to be it, I'm linked, on a PC, excellent connection...Hit the last "Next" button followed by the submit button and the page sits there, no confirmation email, and nothing under my tickets shows up. I'm at a loss. I spent 2,900 pearls to get some armor for the wrong class and all I want to do is get the right set (for my only chr the Striker) or get the pearls back so I can get the right set myself. Gamer Tag: Old Man Spetz Character : Malaik Time of purchase: Friday, 5//17//2019 between 3:25-3:40 pm Attached files: Screenshot of empty 2nd page of ticket process, the unopened Dark Knight Desert Camouflage still in my pearl inventory, and lastly the item I meant to purchase. Hoping someone is able to help, Brian aka Old Man Spetz