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  1. Hiya, I'm a new player to BDO and unsure where to post this on the forums. I'm playing bdo on the xbox 1X, and looking for basic info, tips, advice, links on the game first some background about me: I've been playing games for roughly 30 years, and been playing mmo's since 2004 with ff11(final fantasy 11 on ps2/xbox 360). I'm no stranger to mob grinding, quest grinding, storyline questing. I also currently play ff14 A few questions I have: 1)are there roles in bdo? Like tank, healer, etc. 2) what are some stuff I can do? 3) is the game set up that 1 character can be all classes, or one character one class. I pretty much know next to nothing about this game, i heard about it and noticed it free under game pass. I'm not sure what class to pick, I plan on playing as a female. In my past mmo ff11 I main'ed a caster/melee called red mage, and melee hand to hand monk. In ff14 i main tank jobs: warrior, dark knight and paladin. I was leaning to playing the sorceress as i love scythes, but noticed the dark knight here and intrigued. Would either of these classes be good, how do they play? tldr: im a new player looking for info about bdo. Thanks in advance.
  2. New player here, how up-to-date is the info here? I'm just about to start playing but looking for info so I know what im getting myself into. playing on the xbox x.
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