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  1. Oh that is awesome! I got to say PA seems to fix things a lot faster than the Devs from another really big console MMO.
  2. I am not 100% sure that they are capped at 15 but that is what I have read and my donkey is and has been lev 15 sometime now.
  3. Hello All, First of all I really like my Shai but a few things are really irritating me and it would be nice if someone from PA could address it. 1. The DONKEY!! From what I can tell we only get one Donkey for our Shai and that is the free one we get via quest. The problem with this is my Donkey did not learn Sprint while leveling up and if what little information I could find is correct then lev 15 is max. This means that I will forever have a mount on my Shai that has no sprint :(. This needs to be fixed! 2. Where are all the Shai weapons at? I have yet to see any of the normal Florangs or Vitclari (ie - Bares... etc) drop from any mobs and the MP is always empty. This leads me to believe that perhaps PA forgot to put the Shai weapons in the loot tables? I do know that any of the Monster boss boxes can be opened by your Shai and you will get your Florang/Vitclari boss weapon but as far as the other (non NPC purchasable) weapons they just don't seem to exist.
  4. Ohh thank you for the kind response!! I wish I had made this topic before I bought up a bunch of blue and green reform stones off of the CM :). I guess I need to work on making my Ultimate reform stones... although that is doing to take some time :(.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and pretty new to the game as well (only been playing for about 2 weeks on xbox one). I have one nagging question about item reform.... I have been trying to upgrade my weapons and armor from green to blue with absolutely no luck at all. I have used green stones, blue stones, and a few gold stones and they all fail. Is there something special that needs to be done? Do I need to remove the crystals that are in the weapons and armor before doing the item reform? Sorry for the inconvenience but I have done a lot of googling and all the information is either for pc players and/or 2 or 3 years old (most talk about using workers to item reform). Any and all help would be nice! I currently am trying to upgrade my Grunil (i think PRI) armor from green to blue and my Bares Staff (I think PRI) from green to blue and so far I think I have wasted at least 30 crystals in total (varying colors in total).
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