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  1. You should know by now I don't know much haha
  2. Thought you left bdo thought the guild was dead hahah bad times
  3. Thought you were away playing Minecraft 🤣
  4. Kawaiimagic


    I agree. If they don't want to give Shai dmg for pvp or at least spells to defend yourself with then maybe turning it off would be for the best. Then have Shai players being a pushing bag for the rest of the players
  5. Kawaiimagic


    My feedback about Shai. 1} Pvp. I feel as if Shai is defenseless in pvp. We don't have pvp dmg but we have super long cooldown on our spells that we can't really defend our self's. Am still lvling my Shai getting gear so I am a low gear player and I find I get bully a lot when playing Shai not talking just push out of grinding spots I mean full on hate. There's not much I can do sure I can play dead they will wait then beat me to death on the ground or I can try and dash away doesn't work Shai dash cost a lot of stam. For a support class there's not much self defend skills like a shield most if not all of our push back skills are made for pve. If Shai was made for full support with no pvp dmg and no pvp spells then maybe Shai should be exempt from pvp. Shai to me looks like a class that was made for supporting in pve then pvp.
  6. That's fair I guess. But its just what I think of the class maybe I was a little harsh with my wording...but I still like the class. I would like a weapon for it😡
  7. Hmm, Have we meet? You seem to dislike me for what I don't know? I never said I dislike the class in fact I really enjoy the class and I did want to main it when I seen it. To me the class does feel as if its missing something. Maybe my 1st post was mean or something I dunno but I do like the class..but your really coming off as a big dik for 0 reason well for the fact that I dare share what I thought on the class.
  8. Sadly I was looking forward to Shai and maining her. Ye a month+ for a awakening woow no thank you plus not adding Shai weapons to drop huh it's really hard to get weapons for this class plus waiting for the awaken the class is fun would of been something I would of enjoy to play but the release and the unfinished of the class is a joke
  9. What city are you using? Look in most of the workshops maybe I miss one
  10. I have to agree. Never seen anything drop for shai and you can't craft shai weapons to😵
  11. Don't worry if your on EU am sure you will run into me >:) just don't go out at night or in the woods....
  12. Region: EU Character name: Smarties Link:
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