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  1. Anyone know what the timezone its going to be released? Pnw? Eastern? Or Korean time zone perhaps?
  2. So its fall, and no new info on beta. . . This is the wrong time to be silent PA. Ima call it, we aint getting a beta this fall. Prolly not a full release untill summer next year, if we are lucky.
  3. I personally have not had issues with new updates on pc, but have heard alot of people complain about bots and/or other variuos small things. Far as i can tell its still amazing. Just trying to say PA has not made many other people happy recently. They have a decent track record with me, untill now. Lied about the release date and they try too sweep it under the rug like it didn't happen is pretty shady. I love BDO for my own reasons, how and when i play is irrelevant to the fact PA has been giving us false hope and only letting us down. Its slowly getting closer to a reality on Xbox but we should not be getting our hopes up after this most recent letdown. "Dont expect anything, so when you get something its awesome."
  4. All in all this is bad news and im just as let down. They act like E3 was gonna be big news and yet they are still keeping secrets. PA has ××××ed up pretty bad on pc recently and then this. To be perfectly honest i kinda thought it was a long shot for a summer release, altho i believed them all the same. Iv lost my trust in PA, however i still love the game and will be here patiently waiting untill its release. "Dont expect anything, so when you get something its awesome."
  5. Twigg

    Xbox Controller

    I love it! Hard to say its better then a keyboard but its my main choice for combat in BDO for sure. The LB/RB+XYBA system can be so fluid, I will miss it on the xbox version. This new visual system actually is a great idea, and cannot wait to see how its implemented and used/customized by the players. This is an exciting time where the controller is actually trying to compete with mouse and keykeyboard.
  6. Twigg

    Xbox Controller

    You are so correct on every level and i hope i dont sound negative towards this change in controls. Im simply putting out my opinion on how it was, is, and going to be for me. I would love to hear other players who currently play with an xbox controller and their opinions on the talked about new control layout. I love BDO and what PA has done with it. Iv been a player for over a year now and as you said, no game (iv ever played) has ever changed so much over time. Again, As you said, mayby not every update worked out for everyone but at least they are listening and actually doing something. I personally like what iv seen change on the surface. Im not as dedicated as others so i dont pay attention to every update, but i have seen the game come a long way sens i started playing and its great! Just wanted to clear that up, I fully support any and all changes and decisions PA makes to there game and I never assumed it would be identical to PC. Just wanted to talk with other players and there opinions on the current controller support and the upcoming changes related to how we already currently play on a xbox controller.
  7. Twigg

    Xbox Controller

    From what has been revealed, the controlls are vary different from the current controller support. On PC as it is, you use the LB and/or RB to create sub menus of controls. I use the main commands, For example; RT is basic attack, LT is secondary. Normally X is primary attack and RT is evade but i changed it. When i press LB+RT i use one of the various hotkeys i assigned. You can assighn anything you want, even LB/RB+any direction on either stick can be assigned to hot keys. Creating more then enoph space for any input using these submenus via LB/RB was perfect. On Xbox currently, LB/RB has been shown as one of the bassic commands. The Dpad is used to creat a visual wheel of commands/hotkeys that appears and is selected via the joystick. Like selecting weapons in GTA V, instead you input selected various commands/hotkeys in these visual wheels for easy visual access. This is why i worry, From what we know they are changing the controls from how it is currently on PC to this new visual system. This is an attempt to make usability of the controller easier for all audiences. While this is true, it takes away from the current fluidity of combat. Being able to press LB+Left Stick Forward for a rush/charge attack at anymoment is one of many smooth combinations of controls that i love so much! Seeing that i will have to re-learn a new system that is not as intuitive is a let down. Im open to anything and im not saying they shouldn't implement a new control layout. Im just a huge fan of its current configuration. As i said befor, PA did it right the first time, lets hope they do it again!
  8. I really liked how the current PC version of BDO controls where completely open to customize how ever you wanted it, especially when using a Xbox controller. I spent hours creating and mapping the controls too tailor each character and how i used them. I would love to hear other players who currently play with an xbox controller and their opinions on the talked about new control layout. The current PC controller support is something i would love to see more in games, and i hope they do not remove or change our ability to do so on the Xbox release. After reading the most recent Dev notes, im a little worried how much they may change to make it more 'user friendly controls'. If the game is good (and i know it is), then players should be open to a learning curve with the more in depth controls. However i fully support and understand how the current PC version of BDO controlls are vary different from what an xbox likes too process. All in all i really want to see BDO succeed and blow away Consol players, but plz dont change it too much simply because its current pc controls (on a controller) are considered confusing or difficult. PA did it right the first time, i hope they can do it again. 😃
  9. Its a great idea, BDO's character creation is going to blow console players away! No game on Xbox has anything close, some games offer plenty of options but none look as good. This idea would help get more player interested in the game. Not only has its delay with vary little info pushed away alot of hyped potential players, but the internet seems to judge BDO pretty heavily on vary one sided opinions. New players who want to know more have seen alot of negative stuff circulated recently about the xbox version when they kmow so little. This idea would help new players make a decision for themselves if it might be worth trying. Rather then listening to the masses who know basicly nothing about the game yet (the xbox version anyway)
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