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  1. I push this public because pearl Abyss need to fix this. And stop being greedy and careless I put my time and real money into this game to just be toss to the side. I think it wrong a lot may think differently but I like to see how you would react.
  2. Yup I totally understand where you guy come from where it’s they help me they gotta help everyone. I will just keep on grinding I got no doubt I’ll get it back up there but for certain I’m not gonna be rushing it like I have before. Too much on the line. But it’s also stupid that they can’t see that it was wasted on my 7karazak and that I would gladly destroy that wep for my 100 fs back
  3. Nimrod I hope you don’t experience anything like that I had just failed tet and went to my just fresh karazak I had got from boss that day to get to 7 . Game lags you will double click and it will pop more then you wanted too its was a huge mistake to big to lose is why I posted it in forum so people can learn from my mistakes.
  4. I got a bow Kazarka I tried to enchant to tet started at 55 and failed that many times that why it took about a month grinding
  5. I guess I’m definitely gonna tone it down on this game not gonna play like I’ve been for last couple months.
  6. Sure they can do something they mention 2 recovery a year and to choose wisely. They even said it in a stream viedo
  7. I’m disappointed in game support for sure. It’s all in there log system and can see it was a accident for sure
  8. Today I accidentally use a 100 fs on my second Kazarka bow I leveled from 5-7 and since the game lagged at last one it decided to press another and pop my enchant to plus 8 bow and there goes my 100 fs I have worked over a month for. This is what the gm has to say
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