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  1. Region: EU Shai Character Name: Baily Twitter Post Link: All Screenshots here => https://twitter.com/_Nexuzneo/media ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Baily is so excited to see the first sunrise in the game! See you! Cheers
  2. Same problem by me. Alejandro and Severo near Velya. Both investigation Quests on XBox Version bugged. Investigateing in potato and/or honey not finishing the two quests. Unable to find a solution.
  3. ok thx i put the horse info now in my ringmenu. good to know. havent seen it somewhere that they deleted it for mount combat. for so long i got a workaround its ok for me.
  4. Ok can you pls delete this topic. looks like i just had less sleep. without a sword my lady cant fight. omg i really like to hide in a dark corner right now. haha.........still love bdo haha.... but the horse menu on RT is still missing hehe
  5. maybe i know what you mean if you mean open the skill window choose a skill and press left stick (LS). then there is a locked icon and no there is no icon somewhere. i havent locked a skill by accident. its just not working at all on my lahn any longer.....
  6. So i can switch RB and RT then the RT works for the other skill but then RB is not working. There is something wrong with the keybindings it looks like. I am not able to fix this on my own. Tried different controllers, checked on other characters (there it is working fine) and i read that this is a known issue from pc version where players needed to create a new character. Guys this is my main character, i am using RT very often and this is really killing my gameplay. What should i do now? play another class? create a new character? delete the game? i have absolutly no idea what i should do. this is just totally annoying and frustrating.... can you tell me where i need to go for it? ---------------------- i dont like to see the chat at all and close it every time as fast i can but yeah i also cant open the chat window by using LT + left and choose the chat on the right side...
  7. Hello i thought i start a new topic. My RT skill on Lahn is no longer working. I dont know how to fix this. Komboskills like RB+RT are working. Also on my other characters the RT skills are working. For example i still can spam RT on my witch. Or use it on my ranger. Only on my Lahn something went wrong I used it today to kill mobs before some hours. So this is really strange.
  8. still searching for one. t4 and t3 (2 versions) no problem. let my eyes open for t5
  9. After reloading the game RT skills are still not working. ok guys i need a fix. whats going on there?.....
  10. The Horse Menu on RT is still not working. I also found out RT isnt working at all in combat mode after doin the hunting with a rifle. Reloading the rifle with RT is working by the way... Same with another controller. So its not my hardware.
  11. i did restart the game. had the same issue after restart. i keep watching on it.
  12. ok thats strange. not working in heidel or glisch but in calpheon now it worked with the registration...
  13. First Bug i saw the Horse Menu on RT is gone. Maybe you deleted it dunno. But the biggest bug i see so far....i cannot register any new horses. There are space and i tryed it on different servers and different citys. no chance. i ever get the message "internal error....."
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