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  1. Actually I do have my Xbox One X hooked up to a 4k UHD monitor. LG - 27UL600-W 27" IPS LED 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor with HDR - Silver/White this one to be exact.... EDIT: Just checked it on a totally different 4k UHD TV display and the problem still persists.
  2. Okay, so I check out what you said and it turns out that you are correct! I wouldn’t have thought that 4K (UHD) option in the display setting could be the problem. So, with my set up the same as I stated in the original post, I turned off 4K and restarted the game and all transparent parts are now fixed. You would think that 4K would only make it better, but no it only messes it up. They need to fix this as soon as possible, with the fact they advertise the game for Xbox One X Enhanced.
  3. No, I finally figured it out. Its (RB) while in the air. (“X” is for your grab move)
  4. Does anyone know how to use the (Post awakening) Lahn’s grapple hook ability on the Xbox? I’ve seen people use it on pc ver. and I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.
  5. EDIT: Please go down to the important update section for details. Original Post: The (Xbox One) awakening outfit for the Lahn has a glitch with its transparent parts. First off, they do not appear transparent outside of the store/appearance menu. Just solid color, I checked to see if was just the white but the problem is present with all colors it seems. The second part of the problem is that when I walk near any object while wearing the outfit, that object’s textures are put onto (what is supposed to be) the Transparent parts. (Pictures below) Will you please fix this soon... UPDATE: This problems seems to be persistent with all outfits with transparent parts. When I’m in pearl shop/character selection/beauty menu(s) the outfits look completely normal, transparent parts and all. But when in game (out of menu(s)) they are solid in color and have the bug/glitch listed above. Also try messing with the white balance, that didn’t help. Then completely changed my display to a different monitor, still didn’t work and the problem persists. I’m running the game on a 4K UHD/HDR monitor on Xbox One X. If anyone was wondering... If anyone else is having this issue please leave a comment below. Also, if you are NOT having this issue on Xbox One X with THIS outfits please let me know. I am trying to figure out if it is a isolated issue. “Important Update” So, I’m going layout/restate the situation for any CM’s/GM’s to read. The issue/bug that has been discovered has to do with many of the pearl shop outfits that contain transparent parts on them. Such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. When wearing one of these outfits, the transparent parts seem to be completely solid to their base color. When walking near things like NPCs and tall grasses, their textures are glitched onto what is supposed to be the transparent parts. As seen in the pictures below. (FYI: the outfits look normal in the menus like beauty/pearl shop/character selection.) But through many hours on trial and error and helpful comments from other players, we have discovered what is causing the problem. It is caused by the 4k UHD setting for the Xbox One X under the display settings. Region: All regions Server: All servers How to recreate the problem: 1. Using an Xbox One X (with a 4k monitor) 2. Put on a pearl shop outfit with transparent parts, such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. 3. Turn the 4k UDH setting on , then save it and restart the game to apply the new setting. 4. The outfit should now be experiencing the bug/glitch with its transparent parts. 5. If the 4k setting is turned off then saved and the game restarted the problem should go away. 6. In conclusion, the issue comes from the Xbox One X’s 4k UDH setting under the game’s display settings and needs some kind of patch to fix the problem.
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