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  1. Pve and Life skilling guild Supra recruiting new members. Eu servers We are fresh new guild and we are looking for new members. We want you to be active and have gs over 300 and no toxic behavior. we like to help new players but we want you to have learned basics all ready. During week days we don't except you to be active all the time (people have lives also xD) but during week ends we do grinding together. We are chill group and we like to have fun and relax by playing bdo. To contact me pm me here or xbox (gt xmightypogox). Requirements Rules GS over 300 Help each other Mic optional English speaking +18 (mature) Active
  2. Join our chill and relaxed guild -Oasis- We are looking for active and casual players. We like to help new players, no gs or lvl recruitments. Contact us by xMightyPogox gamertag.
  3. What is your discord?
  4. Hi, you still recruitting? I would be interested to join. Im new to this game and atm lvl 54 wizard.
  5. Yo i would be interested to join. Im lvl 52 wizard, quite new to the game.
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