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  1. So now you are an elitist as well? Become your True Self. PS: comprehension is a skill ,you have to practice it. I did say over 420, not at 420.
  2. If you play your characters you get attacked. My point exactly. You are also an aggressor by your own admission more often than not so of course you are not being attacked. I don't have chat on in the game because its full of toxic nonsense, I posted 1 time in server chat at the very start of playing. I am always respectful of people's grind spots and if I see someone already farming I will move on. I am always helping people in the game, I am a Guild Owner in other games and have a large friends list that come to me with questions and for help completing quests and such. I have no feuds or conflicts with anyone in game so I am not being singled out for my in game behaviour as a couple of people have assumed because they seem to think that I just make up what I am posting here. You are right many XBOX players, the silent ones that never say anything regardless how bad the toxic players treat them, don't post on the forums or in server chat and for the most part are exactly as you describe, just trying to play the game. I was one of those people. I decided that I had enough and I want to try and change things. Unfortunately this forum is populated in the most part with the remaining people, the ones who are the problem.
  3. 1. There is no exp buff on Arsha, its a 50% item drop rate bonus. It is a PVP SERVER so more PVP, would be expected. 2. No justification 3. You want to see crying on forums, pop open the PC forums from 2016 when they raised the Karma cost for PKs from 60-120k ... now that was some crying. Nobody is asking you to read the forums and nobody here is crying at the moment as far as I can tell. A petition is a great idea if I was trying to get the City Government to change the traffic light outside my house, I am commenting on a video game that I really enjoy and would like to see some changes in. So in your mind getting angry because someone has a difference of opinion, or just maybe trying to shout them down with posts devoid of any sense or meaningful content has more merit than what others place on the forum? Same attitude as killing lower geared players for sport; a sense of entitlement to the entire forum or game. Another example of why I say the game is not broken, many of the players are. -------------------------------------- Its not arrogance if you sure you are right, that is confidence. Its arrogance to assume you are right 100% of the time. Unlike any of the OWPVP is "fundamental to the core of the game" crowd on this forum I am 100% capable of admitting I was wrong, if I am proven wrong.
  4. I have over 100 Days played and over 1500 game hours. I have 6 characters all over the imaginary useless GS number of 420. I think I have spent more time then most in XBDO so I can pretty confidently say you have no idea what you are talking about. I have played every aspect of the game. AFK PKs and straight up PK griefing are normal and widespread. I can safely say if you play as much as I do and as many characters up through 50 as I have and have not been killed for no reason somewhere you are full of BS. I would add you have no idea because I guarantee you only are doing the top end content and are backed by a big guild so people leave you alone. So I say drop guild make a new character and level it up without any help from your family, you know grind it out, and see what happens. I have stated several times that I love this game,but I think it is you who doesnt understand the "core mechanic" OWPVP is to stop people who are behaving poorly (like waiting and kill stealing larger enemies, following you around and calling you out in chat) its a line of last resort not a first reaction. Unfortunately way too many people think "might makes right" and kill and take spots from others because they simply can in the name of "competition". Karma exists to prevent widespread PKing over ridiculous things like crossing over an imaginary line where some player thinks they own the area. There is no "funneling into areas" The enemy areas are massive and spawn rates are super fast. There is room for everyone if you take just the area you need and respect someone else who is already there. The simple fact is its not about "competition" because that implies a level playing field where skill determines outcome, BDO has a gear Gap that is too wide for fair play. So its really about hindering and delaying weaker players because of a mentality that "the strong take what they want from the weak" which happens far too much in the real world to warrant a place in an escapist fantasy game. Its also why PVP/Pkers hate the idea of a PVE server because it takes the prey away from the predator. The game itself is not broken just many of the people who play it are. Only way to fix it is to remove the ability to behave that way, the gaming community itself cannot fix it because the "foghorn leghorns" are all the toxic players and they have a constant drumbeat of 'git gud' or "go play something else". So they drown out anyone who says anything contrary to them. That is why a large portion of XBOX players play "offline" and dont join chats or post on game forums anymore. They just want to play and be left alone. I have been on Arsha and got killed the moment I arrived at Crescents by a group of 4 in the same guild, as I predicted the guilds are taking the server over to "own" the 50% drop increase. So don't tell me that its more respectful because its only respectful if you are in the right guild.
  5. So now you admit that OWPVP is a hindrance? How is competition for resources any less on a PVE server, same spawns, same resources. The method of competition just doesn't include the killing of lower leveled and weaker geared opponents. Additionally unless the PVP PK crowd shows up and front runs and griefs others players (kill stealing ect ) the PVE players will tend to be way more respectful to each other. The Stronger PVP crowd goes to Arsha for increased drop rate attacking anyone who shows up, how is that fair to the weaker players who cannot compete?? All For Us, Nothing For you!
  6. The rendering changes solved many loading wall issues but it created an issue where items get rendered after they have been looted. Also moving NPCs sometimes will render-teleport-render and you will have animation lags on abilities (my lahn blinks around all over the place in a hectic fight) Several times my groups have experienced "ghost drops" drops that appear but cannot be interacted with. These are an artifact of the prioritization changes. We tested it out and our pets were working and we seemed to be getting all the loot but sometimes the loot "trail" would appear after the item was already picked up. We then tried without pets and the loot seemed to appear normally. You can try this yourself by attempting to manually pick up one of the drops (with your pets looting). Hope this helps. Can I ask you a side question? Why if you play the PC version are you playing the XBOX version? I would assume you have a considerable time investment in the PC version and as a PVPer would be wanting to experience PVP at the highest possible caliber to test your skills.
  7. Justification for the "nerf"? There is no reason they need to be any different then a regular server. The only reason they buff Arsha is an attempt to lure PVE people over to provide human game for the PK hunters to keep the OWPVP abusers on the server away from the rest of us. Of course it will not work and Arsha will become dominated by a couple big guilds and PKers looking to earn their Karma back they lost on a regular server. Predators go where the Prey is.
  8. Sigh. I dont have time to screen cap the server list all day but with some slight variations in times I made an accurate statement. Since you started by saying its only quiet for 3 hours a day you have the burden of proof. [EDIT] NA Servers XBDO Saturday June 22, 9:34 AM .... You are aware there are time zones, right?
  9. What Game are you playing ? Majority of NA (they are not just US Servers) Servers are below the crowded threshold from 12AM-12PM PDT weekdays and from 12AM-10AM on weekends.
  10. The Arsha servers are simply a place for the OWPVPers that love to kill lower skilled/geared players to go and recover their Karma. That is all they are, shortly the server will get dominated by the biggest players/guilds for the 50% drop rate bonus and all the PKers will be back in the regular servers. Predators go where the prey is.
  11. I said 3 (THREE) Players could not even damage ONE (1) Player. I have my 1000 hour time reward and 100 days played. I put my time in but I play 6 characters, so my time is not all in one, that said I also don't crack open my wallet every week and drop a grand on the game like some people do. All I asked for was for a gap closer not a bridge. You think I said "nerf the hell out of all the high-geared players!" I never said anything like that. I said that 3 v 1 at Awakened Levels should not be one sided, PVP must contain an element of risk or its pointless. The GAP is TOO BIG. I did not say there should not be a gap. Once again the solution is not always "git gud". That is a pointless statement because not everyone can be at the same skill level, nor can everyone get good enough to bridge a gear gap that is too wide, and if they think its all skill then players should not be afraid of a leveler.
  12. Hey RocketFuel77777 you realize you said "Amen" after a post that was entirely predicated on MakeumRage's complete inability to understand the written word right? So now I have the "Twins" to use as a good example of a bad example. Thanks for that. See my new suggestion and realize I am talking about people like you. (In case you have the same defect as our friend MakeumRage)
  13. Maybe we could get a PVP forum you know where people like MakeumRage can hang out with his own kind. We could sacrifice a PVE player to them everyday by making them post up a suggestion that they cannot comprehend or can twist to align better with their very narrow and close minded ... thought process? ( That seems like a over estimation of what goes on in these people's heads, but for lack of a better description ) So like PVP servers they can roam around their forum like mindless locust hordes while the rest of us can maybe for once have a constructive conversation about why WE like the game, OUR experiences and how WE would like it to change and not be called liars or ridiculed or insulted Just a thought.
  14. There is a chance that people like MakeumRage will abuse the Pacifist Mode, but in that case you pick yourself up and hop servers or move to another area, you know just suck it up and carry on, just like a lower level person getting ganked in their rotation.
  15. Thanks for reply! Its great to meet a walking poster child for everything wrong in BDO. Its like a "everything in one place" example that I can just point to. Don't ever change because you are the best tool I could have dreamed for to help people see my point of view. The name ... wow its so perfect. First off your comprehension skills are atrocious. I clearly said not make them equal. Second. I love the way the vein on your forehead pulses when you type. I will implement your awesome "git gud" strategy... /eyeroll
  16. Situation So me and 2 others were happily killing Super Big Woragans in the Nest for 2 hours and not seen a soul...when in comes a lone player, we just ignore him. He flags up and kills all 3 of us in 3 seconds before we even realized what happened. We re-spawn and try to fight back, all 3 hitting him (we are 170+ AP each) and we did ... 0.00 points of damage to him. He killed us all again in about 15 seconds because we were evading. So this character must be PEN across the board and 60+. Now I dont like PVP I am 100% honest about it. I think that BDO is a awesome game and I love it! I just don't like being forced to fight in the open world at someone else's whim. Now if I am forced to to OWPVP I expect that I should have a reasonable chance of protecting myself or at least find some degree of safety in numbers. So if the Game is designed that 3 people at 56-58 cannot even put up a fight then the PVP is even more unattractive... unless the Devs believe that BDO is a World where strength determines right from wrong and the powerful treat the weaker players as nothing more then NPC Critters to swat like flies with impunity, then if that is the case .... Well Done PA! You have managed to create a virtual world even less enjoyable than the real world in this aspect. Suggestion PVP always needs a leveler ie) a mechanism that always allows players of any level to damage each other and defend against 1 shot hits regardless in the difference in their levels and/or stats to insure that PVP is not a 1 sided stompfest. It doesn't mean make them equal it means make it possible for 3-4 lower level people to take out a max level whale. Nobody wants to PVP if there is ZERO CHANCE OF DAMAGING your opponent. Now if the system exists please explain it to me so I can work with it. Alternative Suggestion Pacifist Mode.You know sometimes everyone just wants to be left alone. Bad day at work, dog died, whatever. The game should allow us to opt out of OWPVP for say 24 hours of game play a week. Just so we can play without being attacked because we just are not into it today. This seems a reasonable suggestion, you could even make the Pacifist Time a pearl store item, like a value pack. Thanks PA for allowing us to make suggestions and I hope this makes some modicum of sense to those responsible for disseminating these posts.
  17. Wow searching for validation for your pathetic existence much? I get "likes" on the forums you don't so I am the winner! Hey you forgot your helmet.
  18. 2106 PC Karma Loss was Increased 60-120K had zero impact on structured PVP and the game as a whole except to lessen some of the PKing for a short period of time. Well it didn't solve the problem it sure made players like you really angry. So don't tell me that they will not change the Force Mode PVP because they have and don't tell me the majority is for less Karma because the majority of players never come near this forum.
  19. Its a parable. It illustrates how bad your behavior here is if it was applied to a real world situation. I could draw you a diagram if the concepts are too difficult.
  20. Too Funny now I re-read it..... you can't fight back that would make you a hypocrite just take my insults and boorish behavior just like you should let people PK you.
  21. Only losers think they are winners before the fight is over. Come on that is what you think these forums are; a place to attack people for no reason, have at it boy. I am flagging up on you. Here is the transcript of a day in Yiazzy's Retail world: Customer: Excuse me I purchased this product and I love it but there is one feature it has that I really do not like. I would really like to forward a suggestion on to the manufacturer. Yiazzy: Retarded snowflake! I use that product and that feature is there to stay! You are using the product wrong because you are a moron! Just do this and this and if its still bothers you then suck it up or buy something else. Customer: But there is nothing better on the market right now and I do like the product so i want to keep using it. Yiazzy: So you just have to live with it you half-wit! Get the hell out of my store!
  22. Point proven. Its so much easier when you make my points for me. Low grade deduction? Lesser abled? You son are just making word salad. Not surprising because up until this point I have only seen you make one post that could possibly be considered not created by a simian beating on a touch-screen device covered in random insults and forum "parroting" phrases.
  23. I am a 52 year old male and some random guy who is perpetually being obnoxious calling me "Sugar" is offensive. Perhaps I should just lower myself to your level and say "Well are'nt you precious." Have some respect for people it will go a long way in your real life as well.
  24. For the record this PK problem is not imaginary its not unusual and its not just on XBOX. So please don't even try and play that game its pathetic. In 2016 they changed the Karma loss from 60-120K and all you PC - PVP advocates cried for months. Research.. its your life long ally.
  25. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?search/19093054/&q=karma&o=date ... Really?
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