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  1. Still stuck "This password is not available" for every password attempt. Anyone else getting this issue? It's impossible to submit a ticket
  2. Title. Also, some reasoning on trying to login. Looking to submit a ticket... i bought a name change coupon, used it, changed names but now my alt cant change to that previous name... even though its gone, any thoughts? Can we not take back names after using name change coupons?
  3. Arsha server, endless pvp during our grind... Why should we have to reset Pets to Agile every death when the majority of us without survivable gear wait the next inevitable death? Not a pvper? Why should we have to reset commands everytime we hop servers for a guild mission? Or to find that uncontested spot? Lvling your pets to 10 before exchanging but find yourself hopping alts for lifeskills/night vendor/energy management etc.? Me too.It's getting old T_T Fixed pet commands when? Sign or comment below
  4. ~400gs sorc from Pc since 2016 lonely & needs a home https://www.twitch.tv/mizkif whisper MizkifsSister if any room still or GT: NotCufu :)
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