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  1. Yeh bro. I have the same question as well... its gonna be a long maintenance today as it seems without any content being pushed.
  2. Ofcourse it sucks.. yesterday I farmed 2 hours bashins (node lvl 6),9180 bashin manes,27 scrolls,and a lot of Rosar items 0 to +14...that’s more than 50 mil silver. Need to mention that I used 50% drop rate scroll x2 1 hour each. Ofcourse it’s not worth it the 30€ for 30mil.
  3. Actually the system message that you get is bugged. The seller posts only one item and you get like 10 times the banner.
  4. Well I played gameforge’s Aion and Tera. Believe me, more cancerous game provider than gameforge doesn’t exist. 0 GMs,0 events,after opening a ticket 1 week was a minimum waiting period with a following answer: sorry about your experience but we can’t help you on that! Imagine that I invested more than 3000 hours on AION and more than 1000 hours on Tera. i see that bdo is damn active,with providers and game developers that care about their game and about their costumers. I am excited to be here,with all of you guys. Every gaming community is toxic.I know that here are not many differences than the others but here the gm activity keeps the balance. Enjoy your game and be sure that out there are worst stuff than what you face here.
  5. Oh that’s the answer that I wanted to get! I didn’t know that everyone at the highest bid has a chance to get the item. Thanks for the clarification guys.
  6. First of all thanks for your response @yiazzy. I appreciate that! As i said i shout at the world chat that: WTB Kutum dagger (I.e) and would sell pearl items to the one that would sell me the weapon. Through cm ty. does this actually harm the policy and rules? It’s not my intention to abuse the game or harm it in anyway I am just trying to get me geared up and I would just price the seller with a pearl item of his choice. I don’t want to buy anything with real money,I just have some pearls that I don’t actually need at the moment and could be nice to gift them to someone that helped me. and about trading in cm what if you find a price that has 0 preorders->you make your bid there->the seller sells the item on your bid. Let’s say : costume A costs 1000silver and has 500 preorders-> at price 900 are 0 preorders->you bid at 900(so 1 preorder)->the seller sells at 900(at your preorder)->Profit? the item will be sold at 900 or am I wrong?
  7. Hey guys. I am new at Black Desert and i decided to join the forums as I have some questions that need to be answered. I noticed that a lot of items at the Pearl Store are tradeable and can be sold at the central marketplace. By that way you make ingame currency->from selling pearl store items and with the currency that you make you can actually buy ingame items. Today I shout at the server once that I wanted to buy a Kutum weapon and that I could sell some pearl items to the guy that would sell me his weapon. After that I got several messages about being banned,reported or I don’t know what and this confused me as I didn’t think that I broke any game policy so I read the game rules once again here:https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Policy/Policy/PolicyDtl?policyNo=4&revision= At the policy Number 8,subsection number 4,under the Real Money Trade i saw that it States that: 4) An act of trading pearls and paid content with items (including items from other games) why does this actually exist if pearl store items trading is available? By selling PS stuff you make ingame currency so you break this rule. Am I wrong? You know a lot of us doesn’t actually read the rules and they are just rushed to play and lvl up. So did I as well and now that I was confused about the messages I got,I returned to read rules/policy. Is there for real a ban risk for trying to sell a costume and as a result get a weapon or any other item? I am speaking about preordering->selling->preordering->buying not any other kind of abuse. Could a game master please answer my question? I am kind of worried at the moment as I dont want to risk my account and my gaming hours for something so stupid like what I did. Thanks in advance and sorry about my English.(it’s not my mother language) Have fun out there!
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