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  1. Just updated the game and it doesn't work, can't get past processing information after selecting my account. Cleared the cache etc and still doesn't work. Edit: my bad lol there is a maintenance.
  2. This is happening to me for Claus and Jarette at the western guard camp, also my ranger has one slot less than my witch. Not including any slots I got through the event or pearl shop and no more inventory quests. To help with Crio, you need to visit the kid near him and activate the quest to buy a fishing rod, then you can accept that. Techthon and Clei or whatever their name is, their inventory quests cancel each other out. You do one or the other. Apparently without the value pack you're supposed to have 55 slots but my ranger would have 54 so I dunno what is happening today. These quests worked fine on my other 4 characters.
  3. The one with Puia is gone from my menu, it disappeared after I did the one with Techthon. Went to her to double check and it is not there. So my character has 70 slots (with value pack) rather than 71, so there is one little block on that row locked. If I were to do the one with Puia first, the one for Techthon would have disappeared instead. Edit: Went on a different character and picked up the Techthon quest and the Puia quest is gone for them too, when I forfeit both quests reappear in the menu. Went to Puia, no quest.
  4. Yes like the 100 thing, I've almost deleted it several times.
  5. Try riding a donkey, game isn't dead because every other minute someone riding a horse passes me. Witnessed a PvP battle earlier and since the donkey was so slow, turned back and watched it play out. Edit: as to why I'm riding a Donkey, felt like it and Kevin was going cheaper than a new Donkey.
  6. Whoops, didn't realise how old the post was.
  7. Not sure what to suggest but the CM has been bugging for me for the last couple days, related to shifting items I store in my wallet and move to and from storage. Think it is a connection issue.
  8. My home/main server is Bal-2 which I've read is the least peaceful one and chat can seem quite competitive and occasionally toxic due to saltiness. I've levelled 1 character to 56 and another 2 are past 50 now. Haven't been attacked once, I've only ever seen one player with a red name and they were too busy running from guards in the capital. I've seen people react and analyse my characters body language so to speak to see if I'm moving like a hostile player. I tend to act like they don't exist even though I see them, then they carry on with what they're doing. If I see someone grinding mobs, I move to the opposite side or rotate in an opposite direction so we both catch respawned mobs. Abandoned mine is an example due to the size of the rotation. Have actually worked together with some randoms, like earlier and we both had blue names. Like to think because they were DK and me Ranger, there was some Elf bonding lol
  9. I started to use gothic type names that I borrowed from elsewhere. Neither 'Aluche' nor 'Arnice' were taken. So I just used another name from Nights of Azure. My usual names were taken, also named one after some Korean god/goddess from myth, didn't read too much into it but it is a moon gods name for the Lahn
  10. Have you ever tried wearing a full suit of armour, I'm male and I doubt I'll last an hour without at least grumbling that it is heavy. On top of that they have to carry a shield and a massive weapon. There is a reason why rogue type classes, ranged classes and mages keep armor to a minimum. So they can stay mobile, keep their steps light. Plus physical strength is not their primary focus. Besides Valkyrie can be covered head to toe in armor even with the visor closed, so wait for her. She has semi-lewd armor too though. Edit: to be honest I doubt I'd wear a suit of armor for 10 minutes
  11. The bottoms are even worse, there is this bit of material that covers the butt crack. When you dye it, looks stupid. Only looks good when white or black. Zoom into the butt and see for yourself, you might need to rotate the camera to notice it but once you've see it, you might regret having purchased it. Edit: the material is floating, doesn't really look like part of the bottoms and they lazily censored the butt, easier to notice how lazy it is when you try to dye it. Sometimes the colours don't even match so it is hard to blend it in, it has no texture to it from what I can see which is what makes it stand out so much since the underwear is textured. *Or* patterned to be precise. Do they not realise Conan Exiles is on Xbox and you can run around 100% naked with no censorship, well at least in the EU version you can.
  12. I accidentally put a worker up for exchange when I was trying to figure out how to use them. I can't cancel the registration, why isn't it working? Is this a bug? Or have I lost a worker now? Edit: it worked now, is there a 10 minute delay or something. Read something about that. Anyways I request that the post be deleted.
  13. I'm using 4K UHD too, the bug is with the game. You can see the clothes transparent in the character select menu but not in the game. Samsung*
  14. I thought the whole entire game was a tutorial until level 50
  15. The sanguine petal underwear has some kind of bug too, not sure if intentional but by the butt crack it looks like a bit of cloth or something. Which I guess is trying to hide her butt, looks weird though. Also noticed about the 'transparent' parts. At first I could see my tattoos through the outfit but not anymore. Edit: I'm on Xbox One X by the way, outfit stopped being transparent after I enabled the 4K setting about an hour ago. Thought I had the other day but forgot to click confirm.
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