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  1. New pearl shop outfits will usually be listed, how ever I am not seeing the newest one registered anywhere in the CM. Is this a bug? Will it be added later? Thanks.
  2. I mean, since you bind the outfit item you can't stick it into storage. Unless I'm missing something (like storing them in wagons) I personally want a place to store outfits.
  3. I didn't know that. Thanks!
  4. So I summoned both and they didn't appear once I used the scroll. Is this a one time use or is it permanent? They never showed up and I'm wondering if I did something wrong or is this a bug.
  5. The transfusion response is exactly what I needed. I'll make sure to post the butler/maid issues in bugs. Thanks so much
  6. Sooo I'm having some issues with BDO, involving Maids/Butler's and Transfusion. 1.) I got both Ethan and the maid from the black spirit. I summoned them and they didn't show.. what gives?? 2.) I have armor with two slots and I equipped two of the crystals to the right section of armor (helm crystals with helm slots) and it doesn't give me the option to transfuse Can someone share some insight? Thanks.
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