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  1. You do understand that not only can players not interact with anything if they are not participating, can not fight on the server at all, and can be killed without repercussions (No Karma Lose) or need to be flagged on. You can not even flag and attack people when you are not participating. The server stability issues may be a problem but node wars have been around a long time and Pearl Abyss had addressed the non-participants issue long ago. Also dew to the way the system is set up, they can not make it where all non-participants are not allowed on the server as you must be on the server to hit participate. Doing so, would make it where guild could not have players who have shown up late participate as they get on, if they are below the max participants. Not mentioning guild names does not change the fact that you are outright wrong in the fact that non-participants can effect a war and evidence that you clam you have has yet to appear. Pearl Abyss should be focusing on getting our server stability up and content updates. Not looking into false, baseless and petty accusations.
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