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  1. ⚙️BLUESTEEL LEGION⚙️ Guild Founder: Marridius (Discord ID: KaiserLeospike#5001) Server Region: North America Hi, we are a fresh new guild called Bluesteel Legion, as of now, we're few on people so PVP isn't a focus as of now, but i would be appreciate to see my guild grow into a helpful community in BDO helping new players, and protecting the weak from crooked players! Beginners and Veterans are always welcome, and so are those who choose to play BDO solely for the life portion of the game We also have a discord server, but a mic isn't really required If you wish to join, message me on the forums or reply in this post with your family name, and ill send you an invite if your online in game, but if your on discord, feel free to PM me on discord through my Discord ID!
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