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  1. Yeah I've gotten alot of T4's, but cannot find any T5's yet xd
  2. Thank you so much ♡ and i was wondering if you (or anyone else) know if you can find t5 horses in the wild? I've asked in game a few times and got yes's but I still cannot seem to find one, even after switching servers and switching spots.
  3. Hello ♡ While I was questing i came across what looked like a horse race area. I looked it up online to see if you can race horses and you can but, only for pc. I was wondering if there is a way to horse race in black desert for xbox? If there coming out with it? Or if they just are not gonna add this feature at all. Thanks ♡
  4. Thank you guys so much for the help ♡ I'll be sure to do that!
  5. Thank you so much! But how do you keep the controller on? Without it shutting off?
  6. Hello! I have looked around and couldn't find any answers to this question so I decided to ask it myself! I was wondering if anyone knew the fastest way to level a horse? I know you can set a point far away and let your horse ride it, since we don't have auto looping. But my questions is, wouldn't our controllers shut off? I would be fine leaving the consol on all night but the controller would shut off and result in the game "pausing". I love horses so I would like to have all the teirs in the game, but it would take forever since I would have to level the horses up to 30, so it could possibly take weeks. Sorry for the long post but I'm just genually curious what others do or if anyone has a solution I could use! Thank you ♡
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