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  1. DemonShadow

    Ps4 Classes and update plans

    They will most likely release stuff in almost the exact same manner as on xbox. so you may be waiting a while for mystic. Also why not post this in the ps4 section instead of xbox?
  2. I was just using his average as a example to show how many in general could be dropping thus causing lower prices. Yeah i wasnt doubting that you could get alot from the boxes just that compared to scrolls its not a major amount. yeah ive been saving up for boss armor myself, terrible luck with drops and enhancement rng made me just let others do that part while i supply the materials lol.
  3. Actually you just did. hooray you can get 5 witches a day and im sure your not the only one. Thus leading to players crashing the market. People farm stuff thats worth alot and the more who do so the less its worth. I have personally run nearly 100 red nose scrolls and no armor to show for it. Of the hundreds of people who show to world boss's 99% go home empty handed. I can bet most of those frags were from relic scrolls not the boxes. Since the boxes drop at most a single frag, unless there is a unseemly rare drop of more that havent seen. I referenced that over time weeks months etc that there will be more people farming for rare items thus dropping market price. If there were even 100 people farming witches earrings like you are thats over 500 dropped per day. Im sure there are way more than that farming for similar items just not as well. But anyways talking to you is like a brick wall. No matter what i say you will sit there and blame PA for loss of your personal profit, while being proud of how commonly you get rare items from monster drops. Thus proving that players are the cause price drop on said items. Anyways enjoy your ignorance im done.
  4. Nah at this point im tired of arguing with you. You keep saying that your cant make any cash selling rare drops, yet ignore that most people havent even had a witches earring drop for them ever. just using that as a example. The market becoming saturated with overpriced items was going to happen after enough time, simply due to more people farming getting more drops etc. Now people are getting smarter and buy the cheaper registered items thus dropping the price. honestly compared to scrolls the number of free fragments is pretty much 5% of the total being sold. More people leveling up nodes increases drops which floods the market with more "rare" good which devalues them. Its basic economics. This followed by less people needing said rare items in turn leads to less demand which means the price plummets due to a saturated market. Pearl prices have never gone up, and the new shop items have no impact on players silver income. BOD vets knew the market would crash eventually from day one due to eventual market saturation and events to help newbies.
  5. I said nothing specifically about fishing or trading. I said that my personal income was from cooking, and any other rare drop income was unreliable. The comment about them not locking new class's behind a paywall shows that they are not the money hungry jerks you are trying to paint them out to be. The CM was always going to crash from over saturation it was just a matter of time. Yet you still ignore how this helps the people who haven been unlucky on rare drops, instead you keep saying you cant overcharge people in a player driven market. Players control market prices, so save your rare items to sell when the market goes back up. I made a good amount of cash selling jubre talisman when they were priced at 200k each, but i knew it would drop eventually due to market economics. I didnt blame PA for it though.
  6. Them "crashing" the CM has nothing to do with convincing people to buy more pearls. You still havent said how people having access to cheaper rare accessories etc is bad. Outside of trading in older gear for better, i rarely get any noticeable profit from the CM. I grind most of my silver through cooking for Imperial cuisine. Rare monster drops are unreliable to farm for cash. I love new content drops because they have good events that get people to play the new class. The only incentive for people to buy pearls is to get more character slots for the new class. Again its not like they lock the class behind a paywall.
  7. You can still afk process without the outfit. It just makes it easier. honestly i havent even gotten the tent and see very little point to it. It only seems worth using in valencia. me personally i have only gotten the memory leak a few times. However it seems you may be pushing your xbox beyond its capabilities. Most newer games almost require the x or s to run well. So its no surprise if yours may be at its limit. I have spent very little cash on the game and am not even close to a no-lifer, yet my gear is very good considering i have wasted alot of effort on multiple characters. It would be nice if value packs were available on the cm, but i wouldnt say their cash shop is obscenely expensive, considering the scope of the game and how cheap it is. Its not like they charge to unlock new class's. almost everything in the shop makes the game easier for those with more money than time. While also allowing them to help their fellow players get premium stuff without investing cash. A good quality game is one where you can have fun and enjoy it, if you dont enjoy the game yourself thats fine but dont try to bad mouth other people's opinions by insulting them.
  8. DemonShadow

    i think the desire for power quest is bugged

    iirc you need to equip the weapon. If its the basteer one im thinking of.
  9. DemonShadow

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    Ya know it is actually in the most played section just not for the UK. It must not be your guy's style. I know the us servers are still pretty crowded most days. Every game will die eventually, except maybe minecraft lol. However claiming its essential dead now when its clearly not is just silly.
  10. Well any game thats sold for a minimum amount needs a income source somewhere. Its a good quality game that i feel is worth a little cash now and then for making it easier. It allows you to pay in the currency you have in abundance. which is either time or money. Though in the end the benefit from buying pearls is minimal unless you can spend thousands.
  11. Honestly lower CM prices are a good thing. it allows people to afford good gear without grinding 10 times the silver. Anyone who drives up prices are kinda cruel. I laughed when i saw the price of boss weapons dropped as low as they are.
  12. DemonShadow

    Ninja skills

    Im suprised they havent added a ninja catagory yet.
  13. DemonShadow

    farm plots Disappeared

    Pretty much as the title suggests, i took a small break from black desert or a family vacation logged back on my standard server and now my farming plots are gone. Nevermind i jumped to conclusions, It placed them in my storage along with what would of been harvested.
  14. DemonShadow

    Patrigio prices not halved

    Ahh sorry i didnt see the event news. it wasnt there after the initial drop of ninja. Hmm maybe when you get a item you want you can spend 50 energy more for the discount? thats how i read the event notes anyways.
  15. DemonShadow

    Patrigio prices not halved

    they most likely meant thats there is a high chance for a 50% off item after 500 energy. however rng makes that a guess at best.