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  1. While in wandering rogues i noticed that the elementalist towers now produce a giant black square?
  2. Yeah he opened a poll and everything that kinda invites people to say why a pve server wouldnt be a good idea.
  3. Except like i said no one would be able to grind anything. jerks would swoop in and steal mobs etc because they can. Combined with the fact that that it would be way over crowded no one could do anything. So you would find -50% drop rate acceptable then? Thats what i would assume it would be based on the rate of the arsha server. Why not go to a mmo thats more pve friendly? Instead of trying to force a change that most either dont care about or enjoy the way it currently is. There is no true downside to pvp, i could see if everyone got attacked 24-7 but that just doesnt happen. Heck if your being trolled by people just hop servers
  4. You do know the only way they would even think to add a pve server would be to reduce drop rates of everything heavily right? Either way it would be over crowded 24-7 and would be a waste of a server since no one would be able to do anything productive. This game rewards risk its why there is a pvp server with increased drop rates. A pve server would be full of people who try to steal each others mobs and no one would be able to farm anything effectively.
  5. Honestly i get cron stones very rarely from those boxes. I may just be super lucky though.
  6. There are alot of good guides made for most lifeskills from veteren pc players which for the most part are accurate for console. The main story line is good for getting you to 50 with ok gear, while most side quests reward specific items gold bars etc. Me personally i would do atleast the main story up to mediah then start spreading out your focus.
  7. where did you get info that it was coming out today? the only mention i heard about it was for the 16th through their twitter, they use that for most of their release dates from my experience. So it cant really be considered delayed if this was the official announcement...
  8. Black desert also isnt a very stream friendly game.most of the content that would drawn in viewers which would be pvp is actually a bit rare outside of arena node wars etc.for the first time in weeks i got attacked while traveling. which shows that many of the trolls who did such things moved on.
  9. Issue resolved, it was just because my inventory was full when i accepted quest the scroll didnt show up till i logged in after making room.
  10. It would be nice, but any direct trading method no matter how regulated would invite real cash transactions. Which considering their terms of service is one of the big reasons they have it so impersonal in the CM.
  11. If they make it exactly like the CM then why even take the time to add it?
  12. The main reason direct player to player trading isnt allowed is to prevent people from cheating the system. It would invite people to make trades for cash etc while also allowing for Guilds to boost their members power without effort.
  13. I have access to my daily boss scroll quest from the black spirit, and have already done the entire story line for calpheon. In fact thats how you even get the box for the dim subweapon. right before you complete the area.As far as killing Hexe Marie for the story quest thats been done awhile. I have had access to the upgrade dim sub weapon quest awhile and archer is the first that it failed to show up on.
  14. Like alot of people i have been playing archer and ive leveled him all the way to mediah only to not get the sub weapon upgrade mission. Ive gotten the one for the dim armor but the sub weapon one is a no show.
  15. They will most likely release stuff in almost the exact same manner as on xbox. so you may be waiting a while for mystic. Also why not post this in the ps4 section instead of xbox?
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