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  1. DemonShadow

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    Then why even have different class's in the game if no matter how much effort you have put in you will never have an advantage? Wouldnt the same be true in node wars etc? In a game of this type one person always has an advantage of some type, in their gear setup, allies, skill, or a class that has an advantage against yours.
  2. DemonShadow

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Well im not saying there is nothing else besides pvp to do, just that the end goal is to be better at it for the most part. There are lots of paths to endgame in black desert but in general it all leads to the same place.
  3. DemonShadow

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    However you PvE to get better gear for PvP.
  4. DemonShadow

    Ps4 preorder coming up

    It all depends on if they are going to do the same thing they did for xbox and only release the base game first etc. Also sony and microsoft have to allow it to be cross platform. Personally i dont think it would be a good idea.
  5. DemonShadow

    Fixing Open World PvP for Xbox

    I could see 1-2 being added, however combined with 4 it would hurt people who flag up just to push people out of their grind rotation. Number 3 wouldnt make any sense, they would have to a extreme amount of work just to make it possible. Then your last one iirc they reduced karma loss to keep from punishing people who simply flag to protect their rotation.
  6. DemonShadow

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    But then what would be the point of a pve server? why would you need good gear? Also a exploit is something that gives one side an advantage over the other. Them running away when they start losing is actually kinda funny and not really a exploit because if you truly wanted to finish the fight you could.
  7. DemonShadow

    Event Items

    My suggestion is pretty simple can the event loyalty items be moved so that they sit in pearl inventory instead of normal inventory?
  8. DemonShadow

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    As far as i know the only possible "PvE" servers coming are the newbie olvia ones that iirc kick you out after level 30. However as there is no true End game content outside of pvp, what possible goal would you have? This game is pretty simple you get better gear and equipment so you can be stronger in pvp.
  9. DemonShadow

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    How is it explotable? you lose nothing. If someone ambushes you, either you deal with it or you can try to take revenge. Unless your half asleep its hard to not notice if someone is in the same area grinding. If someone has ambushed you and you die almost instantly, then you are just not in their league. Its happened to me where i had 0 chance of winning the fight because i was undergeared. once i understood that i focused heavily on getting better gear. Me and my guild mates practice duels in the arena alot to get better at pvp. There are lots of counters to any tactic people use.
  10. DemonShadow

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Why is everyone so adverse to open world pvp? There are alot of ways to avoid it if your so inclined besides stunting your growth as a player. If you see someone staying in a area find a new one, if a zone is way too active try grinding in another area, swap servers or do your grinding at a less busy time.I have personally leveled 7 characters to 56 and can count well below 20 pvp encounters that i didnt initiate. Then saying that it wasnt advertised as a pvp focused game, when even minor research will show that it is a key focus. The current system keeps a sense of realism and danger. While also allowing player freedom. Do you frequently cross the street without keeping an eye out for cars?