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  1. This has been a struggle since release, It's been a struggle since you gave out redeemable codes, and most of all its been a struggle to watch everyone else submit tickets/posts getting issues resolved while mine isn't. I can't recover my account because the site and the app both have 'network issues'. I have tried to reset my password on multiple networks, devices, and browsers. I've wasted hours trying to recover my password to no avail. I've posted in discord tagging gms, I've files tickets to only have it say 'please confirm your email matches' which it does! Someone reset my password so I can receive some dang redeemable boxes! This has been a struggle for months and is honestly unacceptable that it's so hard to get support!
  2. For the last week I've been trying to recover my password on the BDO website with no avail. I can't file a ticket about it because I need a account to do so. My email is the exactly the same as this one on the website. Every time I go to change my password is says 'Try again later'. All I want to to get a new password so I can't try and recover my password and hopefully a character, send help!
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