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  1. This question has been already discussed many times in the XBox forum and none of the GM ever reacted in the forum to this question. Also the suggestions for PvE servers has been never forwarded from a GM to the developers. I think, the GMs has an order from PA not to react to this question. The only reaction we ever got to this topic is, that in a live stream Shirna or Trent shortly mentioned that PvE servers will never come to the game. If you are interested into a PvE MMORPG, you can wait for Crimson Desert. Maybe in Crimson Desert we will have PvE server, since the focus of the new MMORPG is PVE and Group content. That has been already confirmed by PA.
  2. I don't think we will get a free character slot coupon. I expect it will be like the other new classes, that the character slot coupon will have a reduced price for 2 weeks.
  3. It is official! The Valkyrie is coming on 11th December on the XBox 😄 https://twitter.com/PlayBlackDesert
  4. For all PvE friends: The new MMORPG Crimson Desert from PA will have PvE and Coop focus 😄 In the lates interview from Jason Jung he has announced, that the focus of the new MMORPG Crimson Desert will be Coop and PvE. They have listened to the community and seen, that PvE is a big topic and Black Desert has a lack of it. Therefore, they will now do a PvE focused MMORPG. PvP will also exist in Crimson Desert, but only at the basic systems from Black Desert and also with elements of cooperation. https://wccftech.com/crimson-desert-interview-with-lead-producer-jason-jung-co-op-campaign-new-engine-ray-tracing-support/
  5. Yes, it will work. I tried it before on one of the last sales. You will get the items with the ingame mail. When you already have Black Desert installed on your XBox, you don't need to install the version coming with the Ultimate edition.
  6. Your character profiles are not saved locally on your XBox. Deleting all data on your XBox will not delete your character profiles or your progression. It will delete only some game settings and not more. Like in all MMORPGs, your character profiles and progression is saved on the servers and databases of Pearl Abyss. Therefore, you have to ask Pearl Abyss with a support ticket about it. But I'm not sure if they will delete such things for you. I know from other MMORPGs, that you have mostly to wait some month before everything will be deleted completely. The easiest thing would be, if you ask PA with a support ticket about your general problem with the monster scroll rather than asking for a deletion of your characters.
  7. Do you really think that Maehwa, Valkyrie and Kunoichi will be released until end of the year? When we look back into class releases, there was a rhythm of 6-8 weeks for a new class. Mystique was released shortly. Therefore I expect only one (and with a lot of luck two) of these classes will come until end of the year and the other classes will be skipped to the first quarter of 2020. That's more realistic for me 😉 If I could vote, I would vote for the Valkyrie next. A female warrior is missing mostly for me 😎
  8. Yes, that's true 😎 But the PvP scaling and the more effective and harsher Karma system, makes it much more fair as in Black Desert. Most player killers think twice about attacking other people in unsafe zones. If you kill 3 or more players, your character will receive a Tier 2 Karma. The duration of Tier II Karma is 1 hour but it will increase as you kill more players. Guard NPCs will also attack you and do massive amounts of damage. This means, you can't enter any town or city during the bad Karma wihtout beeing killed by a Guard. And your location will be shown on the minimap as a Red Dot. Also the gear progression is not connected to any shop items like in Black Desert and therefore no "Pay2Win", "Pay2Convencience" or whatever you want to call it 😉
  9. By the way: Bless will have also forced PvP at a certain level. You can activate and deactivate with level 30, like we have in Black Desert. This means, you can attack actively other people after reaching level 30. And you can be attacked by other players always in unsafe zones like in Black Desert. The difference is, that in Black Desert you are save until level 50, in Bless you can be attacked in theory also by level 1. But the PvP itself is much fairer than in Black Desert. This means, High level can not one shot low level players, since stats will be adjusted during PvP. Also the Karma system awards harsher penalties for player killers. And Bless does have a dozen of PvP Battlefields for smaller PvP single and group acitivties. All in all, PvP in Bless sounds interessting in Bless, since it has fairer PvP and Battlefields 😎
  10. Hi Luy, for the console version exists no German forum. They implemented a Japanese section a few weeks ago, but the rest is all in English. Only the PC version of Black Desert Online has a German forum, which is not connected to the console version.
  11. Mihari


    I am convinced PA will and can not hold the roadmap. 1 region, 4 missing classes and adventure log within the next 2 month? No way that PA can do this until end of the year. I have in general the feeling that the capacities for XBox has been scaled down since the PS4 release of BDO. Patches and updates took longer than at the beginning. I have also the feeling that (on EU servers) the player base and interessent into BDO has fallen drastically. For example, I have leveled up a tamer two weeks ago from level 1 to level 56 and have not seen any other guys on the common grinding spots. Also the central market was empty each time I looked into it. It felt like playing a singleplayer RPG the last weeks. I think BDO has much more problems than holding the roadmap and bringing new content. The question should be, why so many people left the game or has less interessent for BDO? Personally, I lost interessent at the point reaching a gear score near 400 and needed to start grinding and were lost into this horrible and random pay-2-win upgrade system. I have never seen such a worse upgrading system like in BDO. I have a lot of fun playing BDO, but personally I have no character over level 57 and gear score 400. I stop playing a class at the moment I have been done the awaking for it and must start with this painfull gear upgrading loop. I do not see any incentive in it and many of my former guild members have also stopped because of that. At the moment I'm not playing daily anymore. Also the login rewards does not convince me to log in each day. Last time a got a rubbish welcome back reward after 8 days not playing and throwed it away. When I'm in the mood, I will login. But at the moment I don't be very often in the mood to log in. As written above, I think PA must think about the general game mechanics and how to adjust them to keep the player base alive. Personally I have the feeling, the player base is increasing and not stable enough or growing. If your are looking what's happening at the moment in the MMORPG market with WoW Classic, AAU and more, you see that the players are waiting for a good MMORPG and overrun the servers. But BDO has unfortunately some game mechanics (like the random p2w gear upgrading system) that scares to many players.
  12. Du wirst ihn auch nicht beim PSN finden. Das hier ist das XBox-Forum und oben steht "schreibt mich per XBLive an" 😄
  13. I think you already got your answer: The same thread for PvE servers in the XBox section was deleted or archived tonight by a CM. Therefore, expect a PvE server will never come and this question also wants not to be discussed by a CM or PM 😞
  14. I already solved this quest month ago. With the latest update, the quest came back on a twink and is now shown and unsolvable on all my characters. Since the start of the PS4 version, the quality of the XBox version is getting worse and worse. Seems like, PE is not interested in any XBox players anymore 😞
  15. Will be the bell stackable? I mean, we have the current Tamer event with 100% Buff and the daily Heilang 200% Buff. If I use all together, will I have 400% Exp today and tomorrow?
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