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  1. Du wirst ihn auch nicht beim PSN finden. Das hier ist das XBox-Forum und oben steht "schreibt mich per XBLive an" 😄
  2. I think you already got your answer: The same thread for PvE servers in the XBox section was deleted or archived tonight by a CM. Therefore, expect a PvE server will never come and this question also wants not to be discussed by a CM or PM 😞
  3. I already solved this quest month ago. With the latest update, the quest came back on a twink and is now shown and unsolvable on all my characters. Since the start of the PS4 version, the quality of the XBox version is getting worse and worse. Seems like, PE is not interested in any XBox players anymore 😞
  4. Will be the bell stackable? I mean, we have the current Tamer event with 100% Buff and the daily Heilang 200% Buff. If I use all together, will I have 400% Exp today and tomorrow?
  5. Quests and Lifeskills are the only things I do. That's why I'm playing BDO and other MMO's.
  6. You will find all drop rates for all items exlpained in the news from 4th September. You only have to read it.
  7. You will learn to live with it 😎
  8. I do not think it's a bug. It seems more, it is related directly to the poor optimized game engine and the console limitations. On the normal XBox, the delay is noticeable longer than on the XBox One X with more power and memory. For me it seems like a memory leak or something related. Also clearing the XBox game cache from time to time will minimize the delay time. Since this "feature" is exsiting since the beta on XBox, I don't expect it will not be solved in short term.
  9. In the XBox version, this behaviour is normal since relase and hasn't been fixed yet. If you go into menus and back to the character, the controller input will not work for 1-2 seconds. Therefore I think, it is not a real bug and game engine related.
  10. Hopefully it will be fixed also on the XBox version. The delay is existing since release in the XBox version and hasn't been fixed since month here.
  11. I think also, it will never happen. Not, because it is not technically possible. I think, it will not happen, because Cross-Plattform also means, the game must get an overarching account management to play together. All Cross-Play titles I know, have the same account management for all plattform and you can play with your account wherever you want. This means, all XBox players could use their existing account with characters, items, pearls, loyality, plus membership ....... and play on the PS4, without paying again and any restrictions. I doubt, that PA will ever do this 😉 Also, PS4 ist starting now with own account management and the question later would be, how to merge all accounts together if someone is playing on both plattforms? Therefore, I think Cross-Play for Black Desert will never happen.
  12. Yes, you are right. As Black Desert started on XBox, we have paid the same prices like the current ones in the the PS Store. I have paid 99,- Euros for the Ultimate Edition on pre-order. Since the release, the prices went down. Especially for Game Pass owners, which got the game for free a few weeks after release. If the prices are to high for you, wait a few weeks. I expect, prices will go down also on PS4, but not on release. You will recognize really fast, the PA wants you money and Black Desert can be very expensive, if you want to be competitive or Pearl shop items like costumes and more 😄
  13. The best would be, if you join the official discord server and asked there. As I have heard from friends who has joined the discord server, a GM has spoken of 6 classes for the release and similiar starting area like on XBox. But here on the website and forum are no official statement about this. If you are waiting on an statement here on the forum, you will wait forever. CMs are non-exisiting here on the forum. I have never seen the last month, that any CM is answering on community questions here.
  14. I can fully understand you and agree. Almost all of my PSN and XBL friends stay away from BDO, because of your mentioned reasons and the forced PvP. Personally, I only play PvE like questing, trading, crafting, life skilling and more. For me it is absolutely possible without any disadvantages not doing PvP. But my friends do not even trying it
  15. Your only change at the moment to get the event donkey, will be the horse market. The event donkey can be traded on the horse market like normal donkeys. But I except, most players will keep the donkey.
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