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  1. Tamer ❤️ Can't wait to play her ːp
  2. In fact with imperial fishing trading + hotspots you can make 16~20M in approx one hour and half, not counting relic shards ːp
  3. The biggest difference is the framerate ːp
  4. Did somebody say Shai? Oopsie doopsie ːp
  5. Saw that too, i guess it's only on pc for now BUT they said in the last dev stream "special deals are coming in the next month" soooo maybe in july, not sure x))
  6. I guess with a ratio like 95% money, 5% gameplay ːp
  7. Honnestly even without the 4k mode & char opti the framerate is really.. unstable on Xbox X. I know a lot of console players don't feel it but when your used to permanent 60 fps (or even more) the gap is huge. And i know too that everybody is gonna tell me it must comes from my settings (like there are infinite possibilities on console x)) cause they "don't have any problem" but i saw the game running at a friend house & it's exactly the same, ofc i also saw a lot of vids on yt and live on twitch and yeah it's the same. I'm a bit upset with every new patchnote when i see nothing about it, like PA seems to think it runs smoothly x)) I'm on EU btw but i doubt it is entirely caused by servers^^ If somehow on Ps4 the framerate is better i'll move on this vers but.. i don't really believe it ːp
  8. Ez money on hotspots & even more ez money while afk ːp But yeah, that's not really an exciting activity x))
  9. Tamer! 🖤 i'll be soooo happy if she's really in the next new classes! \o/
  10. Mostly yes, but if i autofish in the sea i let the monitor on so i can look around for hotspots pop ːp And i have to feed an army of Goblins too x))
  11. I'm not against the idea and i'm pretty sure if they decide to implement it, it would become one of the most populated servers (i'm not trolling here^^) BUT i guess they'll never do it cause they absolutely don't care about our feelings, they just want to grab the most money they can from people. Which apparently are pvpers driven by competition (aka who has the biggest). That being said you can see it with pve players too, they don't care about beating asses, they just wanna flex (preferably in front of the only female guild member) and they're ready to spend money for it x)) So, do we have real stats about pvp & pve players ? Not sure how PA could evaluate that but.. cause the "everybody i know prefers pvp/pve" isn't really valid, you all know that right ? ːp In the end one thing is certain: PA isn't concerned about the motivations of your expenses, but they really are about gently pushing you to spend again & again ːp Collecting greens \o/ 💶
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