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  1. Can you make a settings tab for combat to allow players to adjust (or increase) the amount of time before an attack's "flow" potential is reset? For example, I attack with "Rising Knee," and want to hold still for about 1 second longer. KEY!!! ->>> If you re-program the R-stick to 1-press for initiate combat-stance, hold for de-initiate combat stance, it would players to press R-stick DURING combat (or after "Rising Knee") to reset the chain, assuming the default amount of time BEFORE it resets (which can be adjusted) has reached its maximum amount of time (pressing R-stick after "Rising Knee" has already reset does nothing, and does not de-initiate combat stance). I want to be able to perform "Rising Knee," and be still, or "flow" into a "Hurricane Kick" (if I'm getting the name wrong, I apologize) when I'm ready. It feels as if their is not enough time to wait after "Rising Knee" (and "Adamantine" and "Venom Fang," and others) to initiate it's chained "flow" attacks, and I feel that's a bummer because "Rising Knee's" posture looks so cool after it's done, and I want to hold it, maybe look around, or just keep the juice, and then unleash the kicks afterwards...
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