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  1. Totally understand as it stands though this quest is still broken for me.
  2. Have same issue with the mounts armors saddle etc, description clearly states it is applcable too donkeys yet shais one is special somehow, yet its still a donkey so wth.
  3. Sounds like you tried too steal from them. You have too play the conversation game with them and gain it back.
  4. It might not be a error, did you do a chargeback for the refund? Or did you follow proper channels through pearl abyss?? If you did a chargeback for the refund as in the case of most online mmos etc they usually block/ban that account. Hopefully you did the later and requested it from pearl abyss. Anyways good luck with your issue.
  5. Ive honestly given up on the quest and it just sits there in my list. Now they are doing/done a emergency maintenance for the drops of shai weapons not being in loot tables....yet i did find a yuria florang from some mobs before the maintenance. Seems like they are fixing stuff that isnt broken. Maybe loot drop ratio was just majorly low but still..... fix mai quest pweasee..
  6. Character: Aleesha Family: Fleming Region: EU Servers: arsha, calpheon1 and serendia1 (pretty much all i tried) Issue: quest for shai weapon exchange quest from black spirit too exchange +7 ultimate basteer main hand with npc doesnt give a dialogue option or exchange option. Quest affected: [EXC] BETTER WEAPON (SHAI) NPC that doesnt have dialogue option for exchange: Kanobas Npc location: Calpheon City Was playing on arsha server too begin with got weapon too +7, and equipped it black spirit gave a quest as stated above, got too the npc Kanobas and unequipped the +7 ultimate basteer (as per quest instructions) the icon apparead above Kanobas too say there is a hand in option, only option npc gives as dialogue is about cleansing gear no other option which breaks quest.
  7. Region: EU Character name: Aleesha Link: https://twitter.com/gh05tm4ch1n3/status/1141348815661875200?s=20
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