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  1. I have them all checked and the same thing happens to me.
  2. They never reply in the PC Forums either. PA is very much a “You’ll find out in the press release” kind of company.
  3. The thing is, you listed PVP and PVE things separately. Meaning, the pure PVP activities are node/guild wars, sieges, duels, grind spot squabbling and Red Battlefield. Literally everything else in the game can be done without ever fighting another player. And the game has systems in place specifically to punish players for forcing PVP. That’s not “PVP centric”. At best, I’d call BDO balanced between the two- and they’ve clearly stated that the game is moving more to the PVE side, with Shai, and more upcoming group PVE content. Ultimately, if they add a PVE channel, it won’t affect anybody who doesn’t go play on that channel. And for the record, two out of three of my characters are above 50. The third will be, eventually.
  4. Forgetting: Quests and story content Economics/business building Exploration Horse Taming and Sales New added zones with more of all of the above. And before anybody says nobody plays for the economy side of things, I have two words: “EVE Online”
  5. She’ll likely get versions of all the cross class outfits, but likely modified. Like Karlstein with pants and a full neck. I’d like to see her version of Kibelius look like a Grecian knee length tunic that’s not see through.
  6. *points at the above rant* See? This is why. A normal person sees a kid and doesn’t even jump to “sexualized”. None of the outfits shown for Shai are anything but adorable dresses and robes. If you could put them in the same kind of dresses the Lahn wears then there would be a problem. You can’t. I doubt they’ll do that much even in Korea. And I guarantee people like this will scream insults at every Shai they see, nevermind that they will be the most covered up female class (And canonically, your Shai is thirty years old at the start.) If I were the devs, I would be super cautious too. Hell when I heard they were making Shai a race, I was surprised they even tried to release them in Western countries.
  7. They like to write specific histories I guess. I ignore them; I used the creator to grab the ears of my Lahn and make her an Elf lol. I mean in the Shai backstory, they basically say you’re 30 years old at the start of the game.
  8. Because westerners aren’t mature enough to not fly off the handle seeing Shai in normal underwear. Besides, all their outfits will cover everything anyway. For what it’s worth, you can move the tattoos X and Y until they show up on the arms or legs. What ticks me off is that they don’t let you color the eyes independently for whatever dumb reason. All changes affect both of them.
  9. Don’t assume we’re all like that lol. Most of us bother to learn and follow proper etiquette.
  10. Risk vs reward. And play style I guess. I haven’t gotten into deep life skills yet, kinda saving that for my Shai. I tend to ride into towns, stable my horse, then do quests in the area. When I’m done, I get it back out and move.
  11. Leave the horse at the nearest safe zone. And that is true. Leave an alt at 49 and max their lifeskilling for farming.
  12. Can’t you guarantee an enchantment will succeed by using a ridiculous number of stones anyway? I know it wrecks durability but that can be repaired.
  13. Yup. I dress mine all kinds of ways, and I’m a woman. This is my Ranger at the moment.
  14. There’s more coming, like Audrey and Shadow Chaser. For guys, well..
  15. Once all versions are in parity, would love cross platform play on all three.
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