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  1. Can’t wait to **** all over you
  2. It’s not too hard, I just don’t want to feel like I’m playing a console game
  3. I think you might be retarded. Are you going to report someone for beating you? Lmfao
  4. How are you going to detect kbm? Lmfao
  5. I never said I was going to use a keyboard. I just said the hardcore pc players that switch over to console will have a very large advantage. I have a 272 AP ranger on PC. 1v1 me bruh
  6. You guys are mad about keyboard use. Wait till you realize how ahead people are gonna be that played 2 years, We know the game in and out. It’s not going to be an even playing field. It’s going to be so funny
  7. Won’t it be at tomorrow’s Microsoft conference?
  8. Keyboard is so much better tho
  9. Will we be able to use a keyboard on the Xbox version? I played the pc version for 2 years, and I haven’t played a console game in so long, so I would be more comfortable playing on a keyboard.
  10. Is anyone that was top % in terms of gear/level/skills going to Xbox? I was a 62 ranger 272 AP 566gs on PC, but I got rid of my account months ago, and I’m planning on playing Xbox. However I’m concerned, because I’m not sure about the longevity of console MMOs and since the platform upgrades every few years does that mean that when a new console comes out the game wouldn’t be supported?
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