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  1. gs 481 , I have 3 prof and 2 skilled upgraded guns . if yes then send me a msg so i leave my current guild first
  2. Found the problem . The quests were ALL CHECKED . I changed servers and then the quests were unchecked. So I enabled them and it worked. It means it shows the quests checked when they aren't. Jut change servers and re enable them. Same thing happens with the 100 silver keys quest.
  3. Don't know if it's a bug , but I haven't seen any other having the same problem. (I m prof 6 fishing)
  4. Went to Muraka and exactly when he was respawning . Xbox crashed. Tried to log in 3 more times and crashed all 3 times. wtf
  5. Ok fixed it. Clearing saved data - reserved space didn't work. I created and played with a new character , in game pressed start - disconnect - chose the dead character and i got the 3 options to resurrect
  6. So I died this morning and turned the Xbox off and went to work. This afternoon I logged in again and my character is dead and I don't have the 3 options to resurrect . Also I can't go on any menu , nothing works . I 'm playing on game pass and was thinking of buying the game but I don't think I will now. I'm level 55 (86%) and there's no way i'm starting all over again
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