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  1. Region: NA Character Name: NekoHarley Family Name: Harleyshiro
  2. I think a female berserker type would be nice like a female dual wielding maces or small mallets would be awesome or even just running around with a GIANT mallets would be so cool and since I am a big harley fan dont forget the pigtails lol and sub weapon could be like a revolver or bombs plus I love playing characters with hammers Male or female and I am sure there are others that would like it too!! A good ranged character could be like a witch doctor/voodoo character that would be a lot of fun
  3. Region: NA Shai Character Name: NekoHarley Family Name: Harleyshiro Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=327042048193517&id=100026631728293
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