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  1. Ok, so were a few veteran players looking to build a guild to be strong over time. we want to build a community who wish to strive to get better, and build to compete in node wars. We will actively do guild missions/pvp/pve/bosses. All 18+ in age are currently welcome to join, however we will slowly make gear req/level req a thing as we fill positions within the guild. with that being said i myself will never tell you that game time takes priority to life events. We have a discord channel that i will request people to join, mic chat isnt required however it is easier to explain things with words over typing. does not mean you have to talk back you are welcome to type. im currently a lvl 58 wiz with a 444 gs. and a few of the others are similar in gear. we are willing to help people learn, but also incourage people to try things. GT: Irate Templar Discord: Iratetemplar#0009
  2. 159/223 wizard considering a guild change. Played pc for first few years of launch. Finally decided i plan to main the valk (likely start a warrior soon for gear sake) I play mostly on weeknights however weekends i will be off and on.
  3. So not sure if everyone gets this but from what my guildies say they dont. Im constantly getting an unable to preform skill message on my screen which frustrates me as it keeps me off the loot table when i cant cast as a wizard.
  4. Stop dumbing the game down. Your going to ruin it.
  5. 230 gs is not what i would consider a serious pvp guild at this point
  6. Allow zoom out on character. Allow screen size adjustment Add a life skills page to the menu. If there is one its seriously eluding me. Allow for graphic setting adjustment. Personally i find it very shiny and somewhat erritating at times. However it is gorgeous to look sometimes. Allow profanity filter to be turned off chat... There may be more too come this is what ive come across in my short time playing so far. Thanks
  7. doubt they'll make it so that you can do combos with 1 mapped button on the elite. too many would rage disadvantage and there gonna hear that enough as is with all those who cant/wont spend to get the pets weight and invent slot expansions. not to mention all the outfits haha
  8. sorry missed the space lol GT: Irate Templar
  9. I'm considering it. got my wiz to 59 on pc before my pc died and this laptop cant run it very well... likely go wiz again. what timezone do most of the current ppl joining play on? ill likely be on 6pm - 11pm ish eastern
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