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  1. Yes, I have leveled ALL classes to test their awakening. And no Chris3485, guardian arrives on 22nd only at PC
  2. Look Gale and divider are useless
  3. Mystic has nearest waypoints on awakening quest of all classes, so...
  4. Since on EU servers english is the most used...
  5. New classes=returning players awaiting them. And bored players testing them.
  6. Someone has too much free time
  7. Playing on a Xbox S with normal hdd and I dont have any lagging or freezing issue.
  8. How long does it take? 30 seconds? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Solution is clear cache and app data.
  10. Lot of ppl doing mediah content and life-skilling. Lot of new players at Calpheon. Lot of players, like me, leveling all classes until 56 to test awakening and decide which one to main. Don't care about the health of the game, is really good. Maybe you, and more ppl, have a lot of free time to play. Another ones don't, and new players just beginning. PD: and a lot of us waiting for the rest of classes.
  11. The controls are not shown but you can do them. LT+RS to zoom in and after this RS to rotate until it's completed.
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