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  1. I'm so free to comment like you so... Have a nice day and enjoy if you want.
  2. Here you have the answer.
  3. Enjoy the game and stop comparing with PC version.
  4. I play on Xbox one S with normal hdd and I can see players without any problem. So it's not a ssd or not issue.
  5. New? Never played before. Returning too. MORE than 30 days without LOGIN.
  6. Quest for Chenga Tome is lvl 53 from Black Spirit. Once you get it can use with all your characters.
  7. You haven't lost it, simply you don't know where it is. Patience and look for it.
  8. No glitch and no ui issue. Like you said, a terrible mistake. They can't and shouldn't do anything. Sell to npc the books you don't want/need and next time you will be more careful.
  9. With Chenga Tome you can hit 61 with no grinding. Right now I'm begining kama and my char is lvl 59,5. Only have done 1st questline on Valencia, second is very boring. Imagine for future alts (or guardian main) using tome since lvl 1.
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