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  1. Ah. Either way it seems its more on Sony's side than Microsoft's. Or at least that's what's been painted by all the articles I've read.
  2. Wiitchcraft

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Should probably be stated that Sorc doesn't really get that great until like 57 and with high AP.
  3. Wiitchcraft

    Guild voice chat

    Yeah this has been a huge issue since launch, it's why all the top guilds use discord. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, though I doubt it will, like the UI resetting.
  4. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    Maybe this is the problem? I've had many occasions where people enter my rotations or I enter theirs without realizing they were there. Usually a message of "been here for a bit, mind leaving my rotation?" Or "sorry, I didn't see you there" is said. Or in the higher spots you might get "Duel for spot?".
  5. Microsoft has been pushing for cross platform for a while, it's why you can now use xbox stuff in your Nintendo now or whatever the deal with that is. It seems either Sony doesn't want to work with Microsoft or Visa versa. Not to mention all the xbox games you can now play on PC, but that's more Microsoft helping Microsoft out
  6. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    I'm usually dec'd with like 8 other guilds so I get attacked often. It's great
  7. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    I don't feel it's really that important to argue or show proof over. The servers have a pretty healthy population a good portion of the day is all I was getting at.
  8. Wiitchcraft

    They need to remove randomness (RNG)

    Yeah those are capped at +5. Just like crit, casting/attack speed, movement speed, gathering, fishing, etc
  9. Wiitchcraft

    Enhancing Accessories

    No way. Even with crons you have a chance for it to decrease in level. I guess maybe aTET attempt it might be worth it but other than that it just doesn't seem worth it. Just always make sure you have a backup in case it fails.
  10. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    No way. Maybe half the servers or a third. Around 9 - 10 am PDT the majority of servers start to fill up on average. Mondays and Tuesdays can be less crowded but that seems to be it.
  11. Wiitchcraft

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Pvp events like node wars and arenas don't require you to activate pvp, it's on continuously. Open world pvp on any server however, does require it unless your guild is at war with the person you are fighting or the other person enables it and attacks you.
  12. Wiitchcraft

    Extra Kzarka and Kutum

    Depends on your plans. I never plan to ever leave my main, and I don't like playing any other classes so I'd just use the cash. If you like using different characters or plan to in the future when say Ninja or Archer or whatever class your may be looking forward to comes out then it might be better to hold on to.
  13. Wiitchcraft

    Shai is defensive?

    I find her pretty offensive, and those who plan to main her.
  14. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    Yeah, I could see that. I switch servers too often to be upset about it though. Plus my guilds home server was s3 which is now Arsha Server, so that also works since I'm in a pvp guild.
  15. Wiitchcraft

    Server Removal

    I feel like the EU players don't realize that even though the US has 15 servers, they are all crowded pretty much all the time, there is maybe a 3 hour window where a few servers are not crowded