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  1. Wiitchcraft


    I just run anyways, Sorcs and Rangers can run faster than tier 5 horses anyways.
  2. Wiitchcraft

    Any tips for a noob sorc?

    I've found on xbox switching your secondary attack to LB really helps, that way you don't have to hold RB and RT at the same time, makes canceling it either. Also hitting RT to consume shards of darkness seems more fluid. There is a lot of advantages tbh, haven't seen it get it the way of anything yet. Also a general rule, make good use of your I-frames with your teleports.
  3. Wiitchcraft

    Beta Preload is Live!

    there is going to be a way for sure to set it up. I'm working on one right now for Sorc but I need to get into the beta to see if it works out.
  4. Wiitchcraft

    Beta Preload is Live!

    lol. Rt is right trigger, Rb is right bumper. I could see the confusion, never really thought about it though.
  5. Wiitchcraft

    Beta Preload is Live!

    yeah I spent the whole time messing with the controls, I hate having the secondary attack on rt, I just can seem to figure where to put it. I also enjoyed being able to lock skills, and how its now displayed what level and how many points you need to acquire them.
  6. Wiitchcraft

    Beta Preload is Live!

    Anyone else get to play it for a few hours last night? I found it odd I was able to get in for a bit, but I wasn't complaining.
  7. Wiitchcraft

    New Start Time

    I mean, did anyone really think it wasn't going to launch at 12AM like every single game ever?
  8. Wiitchcraft

    Next Gen Plans

    Everything will always transfer at this point. We are using computers dedicated strictly to gaming and entertainment. These 'next gen' consoles are just going to be like the xbox one x was, just a hardware upgrade, though likely there will be software and a UI upgrade it all but it should still run on the same network accessing the same games. That is until games start out performing the machines but that wont happen for quite a few years.
  9. Wiitchcraft


    Touche Simon said it the broadcast automatically uploads to youtube, which is actually a thing, so I was inclined to believe. Though this was after, I still figured they'd notice it didn't and just upload. seems I was wrong, I admit it.
  10. Wiitchcraft

    Missing class's

    If you leave for any time in a game you feel left behind, or a least I do.
  11. Wiitchcraft

    Missing class's

    I'd really enjoy new content added bi-monthly. I feel PA could go three or four months before the first update, as the whole game is new so no content updates, or only small ones like adding new gear or whatnot would be fine. Though after three or four months with the usual player base drop off, it'd be good to throw something in to get them to come back, like some new classes, a new area, etc. Basically, I'd expect new classes or other updates to come out every 2-3 months, though 3-4 wouldn't be unheard of.
  12. Wiitchcraft

    What state of the game will we start with?

    I believe the cap is 55.
  13. Wiitchcraft

    What state of the game will we start with?

    Well I mean we'll be missing a whole lot of the regions and stuff so it'll be much harder to level the higher we get. We'll only be getting up to Calpheon on launch I believe.
  14. Wiitchcraft


    You know, I'd really like to watch this stream too. Why hasn't this been uploaded yet? Or at least let us watch the vod on twitch.