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  1. Wiitchcraft

    Archer AWK question

    He doesn't have Awakening yet in the real sense of it. His awakening damage comes from his "ascension" which you'll get at 56 via quest like you would normally get awakening. They haven't released his Ascension yet though, and wont for a couple weeks.
  2. Wiitchcraft

    You know what this is about.

    I'd prefer better frames in pretty much every aspect of the game. But to prioritize, Siege, node wars, and battle arena.
  3. Wiitchcraft

    So what we gonna do about t8 horses?

    I'd be ok with loot scrolls. But then I never spent money trying for t8s
  4. Wiitchcraft

    Curiosity Becomes Fear - Stuck on Quest

    I'm also having the same issue. That taught me a lesson though, I should have done this quest 4 months ago.
  5. Wiitchcraft

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    I love reading server and word chat, things get real interesting.
  6. Sometimes I feel like that would be so much cheaper.
  7. Do you mean real money or in game money? Because I haven't spent too much irl money and I'm in a top pvp guild(na) and have been beating people who I know throw lots more money at the game. Skill and class knowledge go a huge way, same with knowing how to build your class right in advance which can be researched prior to even getting the game. I feel like you are trying to spread false rumors to make up for your own short comings.
  8. Wiitchcraft

    T8 horses according to GM's last month

    I didn't think anyone actually took Yiazzy seriously. He's basically the remove pvp guy but a bit more interesting.
  9. Wiitchcraft

    World Boss Changes

    It's still a problem, it just means Karanda dies in like 2 minutes lol
  10. All my money used to come from grinding, not any more. Especially since this last event, either scrolls drop rate got nerfed or they are tied into the same table as the boxes. Either way I make next to no money grinding now, maybe 10 mil an hour where I used to make 30-40 depending on my rng.
  11. Wiitchcraft

    T8 horses according to GM's last month

    He's probably only level 49 anyways.
  12. For cooking once all the ingredients are in you can then hit up or down to change the amount. There should be an option to mount the horse, I can't think of why you wouldn't be able to ride it. Are you a Shai? Shai's can only ride donkeys. You have to hold LT to open up the garden menu. You can also set workers to tend to it by putting the it on your ring menu.
  13. Wiitchcraft

    Initial classes state

    I think the witch is overall stronger in large scale pvp, the wizard is a bit better in 1v1s due to having a grab. I don't know too much on them though, so any witch/wiz feel free to correct me.
  14. Wiitchcraft

    Initial classes state

    I mean, 2 days now, or less. But the OP was asking about ps4 which will likely be like xbox and be capped at 55, with Hexe being the highest level mobs. It will take much longer to get to 56, and then when you do hit 56 awakenings won't be out yet so you'll still have to grind pre awakened. Trust me, I grind to 59.5 pre awakened as a sorc, it sucked.
  15. Wiitchcraft

    Initial classes state

    Sorc is only the best at high end grind spots and is only one of the best at pvp very early on and then again at like 230+ ap. Also grinding to 56 on sorc is only marginally better than warrior, her best tools for grind don't show up until awakening.