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  1. Wiitchcraft

    Class Balance - Why here?

    Give Sorc more buffs plz.
  2. Wiitchcraft


    I feel as far as accessories right the only one that seems worth putting money into is a better belt, which there is a few options there. Asula works great atm, and unless you got the cash or materials already I wouldn't worry about other accessories. You can always make up missed Accuracy with crystals in your gear if you find something with more AP, so right now I'd shoot for whatever accessories give you the most AP. Try to have as close(or more) to 300 Accuracy, which a Kzarka, Helrick should cover most. If you don't have a Kzarka, which many dont then I'd highly suggest using lots of Accuracy crystals to reach a better rate.
  3. Wiitchcraft

    How to Awakening

    I imagine it'll be Y or LT + Y. Either way, I'm binding probably binding at least part of it to the paddles on my Elite.
  4. Wiitchcraft

    Joy's of pvp

    PvP is the most enjoyable part of this game for me, though I prefer duels over large scale. I also notice most of the people crying about getting ganked in open world are the people that don't understand rotations or grinding etiquette. If you jump into a group of mobs someone else is already fighting and you get flagged on, you pretty much brought that on yourself.
  5. Wiitchcraft

    egg event is it for real

    people talking about the drop rate must not really play much, these things drop very often, I don't understand.
  6. I mean, its frustrating, but it really feels nice when it succeeds. I spent all day trying to build fs as a back up in case my Kzarka failed going to TRI, it succeeded first try though. I was frustrated because I couldn't build any fail stacks above 13, but getting it in the end felt very rewarding. So I can see why people hate it, I'm not going to defend it or even say I enjoy it, but I accept it as part of the game and enjoy the fact that only the very dedicated and/or lucky players will be the most powerful.
  7. Wiitchcraft

    Sorc forward night crow

    Just tap forward twice, though honestly in any PvP forward night crow will get you killed more often then not. Though if in PvE just jumping and hitting forward will teleport you forward easily.
  8. Wiitchcraft

    Being more productive

    I actually have no idea, I've barely set anything up. All I do is kill things and sell things, I know what I should be doing but I don't do them unless I'm in a real pinch.
  9. Wiitchcraft

    Please add AWAKENING!!

    No? Really? Yes. However using it a ton minimizes the potential damage they really could be doing and many classes get ways to deal it it easier.
  10. Wiitchcraft

    Please add AWAKENING!!

    I just want Awakenings to cut down on the current Ranger shotgun meta that has seemed to develop.
  11. Wiitchcraft

    Guild Payout?

    You really wont be getting too much until Wars come out, thats where the real money is. At least from my understanding.
  12. Wiitchcraft

    How are people getting over 100 AP

    You have to enhance using Weapon Blackstones, or enhance accessories by combining 2 of them for a chance and making them better(to put simply).
  13. Wiitchcraft

    Recommended Ap & DP for mediah

    You should be fine, I'd just suggest sticking to Rogues, Iron Mine and Manes until you get a bit higher AP though. You could do Helms too, but it'd probably take longer than would be worth it.
  14. Wiitchcraft

    Xbox Sorc Guide: Vext Basic Combos

    Really? I almost never, if ever have that issue. Then again I've adjusted my controls so maybe thats why.
  15. Wiitchcraft


    Well maybe but until the end of June implies we wont get it until the end of June. As in, we wont get it at all in April or May or the beginning of June.