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  1. as far as I remember, you cant. I just memorized all the skills I had and needed next.
  2. If they ever fix the performance issues I'll come back to BDO. I left because it was just too much, all my time practicing frames, combos, group fights, etc meant absolutely nothing when trying to apply those things in BA, Node Wars, Siege Wars, Guild fights, etc.
  3. pre awakened or awakened?
  4. I have an xbox 1 x, 500gb SSD, 24 inch Asus monitor. I have a 100mbps connection, I really doubt the lag is on my end.
  5. I just want to see the guilds and forts I'm supposed to be attacking in Siege without being -2 feet from the first barrier/person. Also pings. Please just pings. But yeah a mode you can switch to with less graphics/whatever to help performance would be great.
  6. I haven't experienced that, I'm on NA servers if that makes a difference. My guild also accepts active players ready for end game so I wasn't aware about the guild thing either but I do imagine that does happen often. The game is definitely on a down part, but thats mostly because not a lot of content has dropped lately. Kama really only was accessible to a smaller part of the community since not everyone was ready to grind there yet. Once a new class or lifeskill content releases like Margoria, etc, I'm sure it'll pick right back up. Until then, its nice to have them work on the much needed performance updates. So yes, many left. Population is likely at a low, but I doubt it'll be for long. Also have to figure now is about the time lots of big games release so many games are likely having a low population issue.
  7. MMOs always have a pretty steady roll over. Players will always quit for a while, while others start playing again for the first time or to return.
  8. I can tell you right now that isn't even close to what you need in PvP, also probably not enough for most PvE either to be honest. You really should level up a Helrick or at least slot some accuracy crystals in your gloves until you do.
  9. You just have to add up the accuracy. You should have a good accuracy offhand, if not for now then for when boss gear is added since all the first boss gear you get will be heavily evasion based. Every class will need at least 300 accuracy, some will need much more (Sorc and Musa for example). Thats mostly for pvp, pve you can get away with much less, though there are mobs that have quite a bit of evasion.
  10. Huh I've never had that issue, not sure what to say. Yeah you can cancel a bid, there should be a tab for you orders and another for what you are selling. The Central Market is a great way to make money. The more familiar you get with each item, its use, and worth then the more money you can make from it. Vendors buy things all for the same price so it doesn't matter who you sell to. Each item you get has a flat value as far as the NPCs are concerned.
  11. Mounts will feel slow until you can get a t5 horse with the sprint skill. You should be able to just set a path and walk it afk, not sure why it wouldn't work unless maybe a button got hit accidentally. Also when you buy stuff from the central market you are essentially bidding on the item. If there is some available at the price you put or lower then you'll receive it immediately. If there is none up you may have to wait a while, anywhere from minutes to days, etc.
  12. I would love a less graphically intense mode, siege war lag is horrendous. Nothing loads properly.
  13. Pirates is on an island north of Olvia, maybe a bit west. Some advice if you do go out there to grind, bring a donkey on your boat to hold your trash loot and coins. You can stack an infinite amount as long as you put it in your inventory then place it all on the horse/donkey/boat. Pirates is far from anything, especially the place to turn in the trash loot. I like how far it is, forces you to keep grinding. Also the coins you get there are good to save, then once you get artisan 2 in trading you can turn them in for a lot of money.
  14. Pirates or Sausans is best. I always preferred Pirates because the money you make from accessory drops is really nice.
  15. When is ps4 getting the new classes?
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