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  1. You need to log onto a different character that has awakened.... complete the quest there... then your shai can enter alter of blood
  2. Hello. I am a level 61 shai that has her talents. It won't let me quein for the Alter of Blood... it says I need to complete the awakening quest. This quest is not available to me through the Black spirit... HELP?
  3. In will go to the general chat area as well. Thank you! And have a wonderful weekend! Edit: I found out you log into a different character that is awakened to complete the quest. Thankfully I did have one!
  4. Im level 61. Got my talents. Pretty lost on what needs to be done next to get my shai in the Alter of Blood.
  5. Are Shai's unable to participate in the Alter of Blood? It won't let me join because I need to complete the awakening quest... but I have no black spirit quest!
  6. Family Name: FireBabe Region: North America Here's me playing a nice song for the spook! Not for entry... but caught a neat photo of a striker attacking my friendly spook as I was trying to get a photo. My Shai is behind the fireball!
  7. Character name: FireWillow! Region: NA SNS post: https://m.facebook.com/groups/133373557467975?view=permalink&id=478755296263131
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