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  1. CalmSecrecy

    New players to BDO universe

    Siege that I participate which is the mediah siege. Have like 7 guild participate. But most of the guild have around 50 from each guild participate. So roughly around 350 player in 1 siege. As long you turn off the skill effect . So that you won't get lost in a fight
  2. CalmSecrecy

    Best solo and group pvp class?

    Mystic is still okay. Currently I am enjoying mystic more. I think my main will be mystic 100% due to more fluid movement. Didnt play her at EU server. I am enjoying her at sea server. Still lvling tho
  3. CalmSecrecy


    really?? I didn't know haha for 4 years haha I guess I have to try it
  4. CalmSecrecy


    Yes it consume stamina (aka breath). No death when you swim. Once you out of stamina. Your pretty much no hope of moving out from ocean or sea haha. Only way to get out from sea is by if you have boat really close to you or by pressing escape button that will bring you back to the close island or node
  5. CalmSecrecy

    New mounts

    the only mount that i want is the big rideable fish for easy sea explore
  6. CalmSecrecy

    What's your favorite class and why?

    dark knight . elf that carry long sword
  7. CalmSecrecy


    Stay till death. You can recover it back by going to stable keeper
  8. CalmSecrecy

    Safe Mode?

    Eso player do for pve content like raid and dungeon. Once in a while you can do pvp that doesn't interfere with pve content. Those you can do in pvp. On the other hand black desert online is purely based around pvp. There no much pve content beside the lifeskill ,guided bosses world bosses . End game is pvp, literally pvp, guild war grinding contest, region seige and red battlefield . When you watch YouTube you most likely see pvp content . So putting safe mode for the game. Even eso player will also leave due to lack of pve content and lack of group activities. . I can that tell once you bored with bdo pve content. You will start to do pvp that start with red battlefield ps this is from my own experience from eso and bdo
  9. CalmSecrecy

    Safe Mode?

    It will be 100% people will leave more. You will understand once you start playing the game
  10. CalmSecrecy

    Sea combat

    If you talking about which lifeskill on getting the fishing boat as fast as possible. You will need to gathering and processing profession. But in order to do that you need energy.
  11. CalmSecrecy

    What are you playing till BDO comes out

    Playing bdo sea. Just doing lifeskill and trying to understand the game better even 4 year of playing bdo. It's overwhelming the game is and still don't understand some of it. Testing class to be main for console. And also how fast can I gain lvl for gathering for a week. Maniac lifeskiller here. streaming bdo on mixer
  12. CalmSecrecy

    Favorite place?

    First place will be balenos region velia. Second would be Trent town = gathering pine wood for days
  13. CalmSecrecy


    No instance at all. From Valencia to epheria with fishing boat. Take around 1hr to 2hr . The auto route in bdo really suck haha especially on the sea or ocean . Sand grain bazaar to Trent manual should at least 15 min with good tier 7 horse and good skill
  14. CalmSecrecy

    Sea combat

    Sea combat hmm not much of experience. If you talking about the big ship called the epheria galleon Yes Fishing boat is easy to get when you focus on lifeskilling and maybe around cp 100 to 150cp if you connecting the node and lodging Sea combat pretty much no existence for me when I go out to sea
  15. CalmSecrecy

    Boss Timers

    I got my kzarka with my kuno on second week on sea server. But there one guildmate. First kzarka spawn and he got it. That super mega carried @Neferpitou which guild you from sea?