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  1. Members are required: 1.) Join our friendly Discord 2.) Avoid drama like the plague it is. 3.) Respect all members of the guild, regardless of skin colors, sexual preferences, sexual identities, and religions, and racial backgrounds, with no judgement or prejudices and treat them with respect and kindness. The Guild Leader and founder is a Trans-Man who will not tolerate discrimination and disrespect. Our Guild Mission: To assist in developing new players, assisting returning players and having fun in the game We are a new player guild that is looking to assist all players, new, returning or veteran. We hope to be a safe place for all players, regardless of identity. There is enough hell for us without making it a thing in game. Since we are a brand new guild, we will be working as a team to choose buffs, what direction we want to go as a guild and what kind of group we fully intend to be. For those who are interested: DM Nightshift Wonderland#0904 on Discord or Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/S9gPj4A
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