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  1. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I feel like melee classes far outnumber ranged, and I'm truthfully not a fan of the gender lock, so I figured I'd add a few suggestions: Druid(m)/Wildmage(f)-similar to WoW, being able to shapeshift into various animal forms, from cheetah for move spd, to wolf for dps (add a few bleeds in there), to maybe even a support role as a HoT beast Necromancer/monger(f/m)-your standard dot/lifesteal/minion master, equipped with a beastly lich pet and some bone armor. Make this happen. I know plenty of people who would love to play one. Vampire/ss(m/f)-who doesnt want to play their favorite life steal class and feel like a sexy nuke tank? Hp consumption for some nukes, lifesteals to get it back. No mp/ep/stam whatever. All hp based. Warlock/summoner(m/f)-dot/dot explosion class that has a demon (not an elemental) pet. Templar/paladin(f/m)-your standard hammer and shield wielding healtankdps all mashed into one all based off of 'the light' with a terrifying 2h axe awk weap meant to make heads roll. Would absolutely LOVE to see some of these implemented in game, I know I'd love to play them all. And some extra character slots would be REALLY nice cuz I'm a terrible altaholic. And I could see some of the class exclusive outfits being sexy as hell. Like a Vladimir camp outfit set, bone collector for necro (the females boobs being cupped by some bony hands), something demonic with wings for the warlock, etc. Would love some input/feedback as well from fellow bdo players. The more attention we get on this, the more likely they are to do it!
  2. Figured it out. If you try to register from the game directly on your xbox, it sends you to a console.playblackdesert.com which is totally different from the original bdo account registration. Linking still required after registering, but it DOES work. Click go to website instead of confirm when prompted and you'll be fine.
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