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  1. Well i began BDO on pc years ago, took a huge break and came back when they announced xbox, I have my PC version available to play whenever but I've been enjoying console as it's more chill than being at my desk and mouse constantly. I understand your theory on the loot situation, but without testing it I can add so far that with the loot delay I've been experiencing this week I have to stand around for a few seconds for it to appear and become lootable, same with if I dash to quickly during the delay, I would then have to return to the pile of loot as it would not have registered because of the delay. This time last week I was able to happily grind out bandits and know how much loot I would leave on the ground, there was never a delay in which I would visibly see it. Sorry for long paragraph, using my phone outside atm lol
  2. Just wrote a thread with issues regarding game play and server lag, the recent update has made it almost unplayable for me to grind PvE or any form of PvP right now. Way too much stutter / game delay during abilities and dashes, loot is also taking a few seconds to appear which is frustrating. Im also playing on a wired optic fibre connection with an Xbox one X. Never had these issues so extremely before the update.
  3. Hi all, I love playing this game on console and have experienced few problems since launch. However, this last update has pretty much made it impossible and extremely un-enjoyable to grind in areas with a decent amount of mobs, such as Gahaz, Fogans. The game is consistently taking between 2-4 seconds for loot to appear when killing packs of mobs, and for those who play Musa know that this is pretty much no loot grinding when speed clearing. Before the update this was a rare occurrence, maybe when the servers were extremely full on weekends. Another issue is the terrible game / server lag I am witnessing when dashing or using my abilities in combat, the game almost always has a stutter / delay which really takes the immersion and fluidity out of the game in combat. The experience is almost night and day when compared to a grind session on my pc version. Having said all this, it has escalated to an almost unplayable experience to which I only wish to Lifeskill for the moment (which sucks for me as a PvP/Er), until HOPEFULLY these issues are fixed with an upcoming patch. Others have also expressed these issues across server chat recently, can anyone else confirm this has became an issue with the latest update?
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