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  1. First I want to say I love this community. Second If anyone ever wants to add me and join a Xbox club for Black Desert feel free to here's the name ====> Blood of The Crimson Alliance. Ok so today I just wanted to rant about how dang crazy this game. OK WHY THE HECK IS THIS GAME SO DANG BEAUTIFUL HMM CAN'T ANSWER HUH THAT'S BECAUSE THE GAMING GODS SAID "LET THERE BE GRAPHICS". NEXT I WANT TO TELL ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS. P2W is when you can buy items in a game one needs to upgrade and get into endgame exclusively with real life money. Everything else is paying for convenience and/or time reducing. It is a choice. You don’t need to pay to get the same result: you just might get there a bit easier or faster if you pay. Some might choose to spend a lot of real life money to catch up while others don't have that option available to them. Everyone who can not handle this, is probably better off playing an other genre of games. Anyway I am done just want everyone to enjoy the game as much as I have so hit me up on Xbox ======> MalikWarNinja Z or even my pc character until Xbox version releases or beta is announced =====> ShuuJensei. Love you all may the black spirit guide you :).
  2. I just would like to say that Black Desert is such a different unique game I feel as If I am living a second life and that all my progress feels so good. My favorite classes are the Ninja he is my main amazing nothing will change my mind, then we have the Striker and Musa who both give me great joy when punching, kicking and slicing mobs. I ask that all my Black Desert lovers comment your favorite classes and why because I have been playing black desert for 2 years and all I want is the xbox port to release but like a Ninja I must be silent and patience. I love you all I see you all as a Family that will experience this game again on Xbox.
  3. Looking for the meaning of life, one man can discover the order of the universe. To discover the truth, to achieve. a higher spiritual state, that is the true meaning of ninja. Masaaki Hatsumi The purpose of Shadows of Kawakami will be to work as one and fight together as a family of Shinobi, Striker and other melee focused classes. My dream is that we become a guild that stands together and flows like water across the battlefield for when one is united with their fellow brothers and sisters they will not only understand friendship but they will also understand power. For more info, Message my GT =====>> MalikWarNinja Z
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