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  1. Yes I am the Allmighty Egyptian God of Death lord Anubis. And my Shai says give me something besides cron memories.
  2. I didn't say I had everything. I'm just sick of getting nothing but crons and memory fragments. Give something else out besides the same old sorry stuff. I would be happy getting a event where you have to kill 1000s of goblins getting loads of npc sellable items. And maybe having a goblin king spawn every hour.. Than getting a boring event with nothing but cron stones and stupid memory frags. I'm just sick of the same stupid events with nothing but memory and crons. Shoot all I have is memories of stupid crons.
  3. And plus don't compare console version to pc version. If that was the case we would have a player to player trading system. That would be able to make up for the sucky rng system we have. But hey that's to easy. And nobody likes the easy fix.
  4. If anything replace the memory frags with shards I could go for that. I would like to get shards instead of sucky memory frags
  5. I'm not the only one fed up with it. Look how many people have already left the console version because of the sucky rng. I know of a little bit over 300 people who have left the game because of the sucky ass rng. I'm not planning on leaving. However I'm tired of the sucky events. Either make them better and worth while. I don't mind grinding for something. Or just stop with the lame events all together. If I want memory frags I will do relic scrolls. However I would rather make the item a ultimate and just use a base item of the same item to repair the durability of the item. That and buy 100 artisians for 40 bucks.
  6. I probably have more play time then both of you combined. I have never gotten anything like many others. I also probably have spent more money on the game then both of you as well. I'm just tired of getting crappy junk that I can just get from going out and grinding for. I could care less if I get a boss weapon or something of that matter. Just stop giving the same junk I get on a everyday basis. The events suck and are boring. They give nothing but junk. And I can make more in a hour grinding then the junk that I get that wastes my time that you call events. Proof that the rates suck is this. I have had 4 kzarka box drops at 0 knowledge on kzarka. And I know people that have s rank knowledge on him. That fight him every day. And never got not 1 drop. All I'm saying is stop giving one sucky memory or cron stone for the events. Do a survey and ask the people what they think. And I bet you everyone will say that the rng on the drop rates and the enhancement system suck. And also why would I buy a 30 dollar premium item just to sell in the cm for 30 mil. When I can grind for 30 mil in a couple of hours. Make it worth while. A 30 dollar item should go for 150 to 200 mil. I have premium costumes I bought for all my characters. And I would not even think about selling a 30 item in game for a sucky 30 mil.
  7. Because it's the only thing most of us get. If I wanted memory frags I would just run relics. And get more. However I don't use them. Because I have my stuff upgraded to ultimate
  8. I am writing this because in mine and every bodies else opinion the chance of getting anything. Good, from the events is about nill to none. The events give nothing but out right crappy junk. I'm tired of getting nothing but junk from the events. Either make it worth while. Or don't give us nothing. But stop giving us junk. Your drop rates all need to be recalculated.
  9. Region: NA Shai Character Name: Tesna SNS Post Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/398964427546680/permalink/461480031295119/
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