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  1. Either turn down fairy voice or add the ability to mute/lower the volume of them. Even with a volume of 0 you can still hear fairy voices. An option to mute local player voice (lifeskill and battle) would be nice too. Grinding wheat for hours has never been so filthy.
  2. I don’t. But it’s got to be a pretty close estimate. I’m not against the idea, just saying they probably won’t for a small percentage.
  3. 99% of console players don’t have a keyboard and mouse attached. I don’t think they would consider it. Maybe what you should be asking is for a fresh start server on the pc?
  4. Ditto as above. Tried with alternative route to heidel, same problem.
  5. Petals don't have a level requirement. Got 2 from afk fishing, have yet to get one with monster drop or life skilling.
  6. Please add a search function within the window or allow right stick click inside the central market as a shortcut to specific recipes. Takes forever to scroll through, end up using my phone to look up certain recipes.
  7. When browsing your skills in “All Skills” it should default to the highest tier you have unlocked per skill. Once you have unlocked all tiers in a skill it should say “Max” where the arrow right is. We don't need the arrow if the skill cant be upgraded anymore. It would be nice to disable certain combos after you have unlocked them. Put them in alphabetical order or somehow order them by frequently used.
  8. Try a different character, I was able to unlock it for my 49 with my 56. Now I can do the repeatable lv 50 quest on her even though shes out of the level range. You could try picking up the event quest in hiedel, a floran between toads and the warehouse on the road. Maybe that would trigger it idk. Hope you figure it out.
  9. Might also include when I get that message I’ve been playing for at least 1 hour, in crowded city like heidel or calpheon, and I open my world map. The world map is usually the final nail in the coffin in my scenarios. And to clarify I have a gen 1 xbox one with a 500gb ssd as the os/game drive.
  10. Character Optimization toggle in Settings should keep its value. It randomly defaults to off.
  11. Fyi it's https://discord.gg/playblackdesert for official discord.
  12. Never hurts to ask, really enjoying bdo just questing and getting into the lore of the game and take in the amount of detail they put into level design. It’s nice not having to looking over my shoulder every few seconds for possible “threats” while getting immersed. To each their own.
  13. The black spirit is supposed to give you the quest. You can try destroying the crystal and he will give you another. If that doesn’t work check your quest log, should be listed there. Abandon and talk to the spirit again.
  14. I started getting that out of resources message after the ninja was released (Xbox One Gen1). Never had the message show up before that, game ran really well. Now everything has slowed down.
  15. Quest level requirements should cap at 49. I’m trying to complete each towns quests on my level 49 and sadly some are not available due to level requirements. I have pretty decent gear and shouldn’t have any issues with quests 56+. Edit: Was able to pick the missing quests on my alt and complete on my 49.
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