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    Nice Class, I've played all classes to Lvl58-60 but deleted all except Ranger 61(My main since game launch on PC, Almost 62) and Archer 60, I wouldnt have bothered with a new class but they had to do a Hobbit! ("Shai" Watever its a BDO Hobbit), I find the Bomerangs a bit Hit and miss its either Bang-on target or spining in wide arcs left or right missing 75% of the targets, and yes all my skills are maxed out at lvl57 with about 350 skill points unspent, Well I suppose by the Time Awakening arrives i'll have a ton to spend, and then it depends on Awakening if the class is a Keeper or deleter
  2. Personally over the 3+ years BDO has been out I've spent way too much on cosmetic gear, so I'm Crafting a set of Female Karlstein Boxes to hopfully clad my Shai however it looks, Thats assuming you get the Boosts the cash version confers, otherwise whats the point in a crafted version (Eitherway I love the Karlstein "Van Helsing" Look on my other Characters) Shai Are basically the Hobbits of BDO So why shouldnt they be as outrageous as other classes in there apparel
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