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  1. Daventry

    Photo Mode / Hide UI

    I tried forever to sit on a ledge in beta. From way up on the balcony of a tower couldn't figure it out. Did you have to hold anything in ? I figured out how to back into a wall etc but sitting legs dangling over a ledge seemed different since obviously you can't just jump off lol
  2. Daventry


    Not all, they mentioned in the QnA that they have to re model all the costumes "for some reason?" So we will get more than likely a vanilla pearl shop experience.
  3. Daventry

    Starting abilities

    During beta I played every class a little besides wizard and a whole lot of witch. I struggled to clear monsters fast as all classes besides witch. I think honestly it's just the fact I didn't know the goto abilities. With witch it just came natural and easy to understand the dmg but I seen videos of Zerker and warrior clearing packs ok but my question is. Where can I find starter guides for top 3-4 skills for each class that I might use doing quest grinding 1-50. Every guide I find is Awakening or late game grinding or focusing on everything except early game skills to rotate.
  4. Daventry

    Official stream

    I'm excited for the game but to be brutally honest they suck at their job. There is more footage, weekly videos, screenshots, info on games farther away. They ghost us months at a time without a single word. You thank them for letting you know however they wouldn't have said a peep until you asked. Their last video was part 1 tutorial for nodes about a month ago... Wasn't even a full video...
  5. Daventry

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    Thanks for this, now do the maids use town storage? If so how does one choose which town storage? I like the concept for early game when you are learning and saving everything. Is there a good way to see what is "vendor trash" and what is good or worth saving? In beta I kept hearing about monster trumpet turn ins if you grind x amount but no clue how to tell where I would take them so just didn't worry about it but with maids could make it worthwhile to grind every month for turn in/knowledge.
  6. Daventry

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    How exactly does the maids work. You open them up and dump one item? (Silver) for weight then they vanish? What point is having multiple? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Daventry

    Beauty album

    My plan as well, character creation can take hours so why not jump in get my bearings get to level 20 or so then maybe take a break from the questing to modify my looks if it's available out the gate that is.
  8. Daventry

    Why is it a race to progress?

    I've reached and rushed a few MMOs in my day and it's a lonely spot at the top. I much more enjoy the journey these days and I've noticed I play games longer instead of rush and set down.
  9. Wagon armor is only thing I don't care for in the package lol... What does a wagon provide it just seems like it would get on the way and make travelling worse than just horseback.
  10. Only 4 max pets at launch. When you first create a new character in retail version you will pick your family name again.
  11. Daventry

    Classes available at launch?

    I play 28th as well at 7pm I am East coast usa
  12. Daventry

    Prediction: BDX will cost $10 USD after release

    Not happening. PC and console prices are completely different. Steam has games for cheap all the time but you can't just have cheap console games not like that. You will see BDO next year at maybe 30-50% off but not for awhile and only during huge sales.
  13. Daventry

    A thought for the release date

    Common sense is not their strong suit or they would have released for Xmas.
  14. Daventry

    PA pre-order package

    Where can I find the images in HD of costumes at launch for BDO.
  15. Daventry

    Complaint regarding information withhold

    I've said this from the beginning. The CM and PA team might not be in the same page and we are the ones suffering. I loved the beta but I'm not 100% sure from lack of communication alone if I'm buying this now. I have 120$ division 2 pre ordered because it has a solid release date. The fact that they are setting a date to tell us a date is pathetic in my mind. That just shows the lack of communication to set a date for the release date info. It's a joke.