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  1. Daventry

    Lost item still.gone

    I bought 2 witch pirate outfits 3/15 2900 pearls each. Put them both on market for 29.9m each. One sold right away and I went to see if the other sold later and it's gone. Not in my selling section, not in Pearl inventory, not Central market inventory. I literally lost 30$ help please. I submitted 2 tickets both times resulting in an answer from gm Valencia and gm Olivia saying it should return on it's own. It has not. Also the submit ticket section on the site won't allow me to make a 3rd ticket it's broken too. Also after the update today I lost my fogan pet.
  2. Daventry

    Hard and sharp shards

    I am almost professional fishing and fish every night since launch have yet to see 1 myself.
  3. Daventry

    Lost a Pearl shop item

    I bought 2 witch pirate outfits today 2900 pearls each. Put them both on market for 29.9m each. One sold right away and I went to see if the other sold later and it's gone. Not in my selling section, not in Pearl inventory, nut Central market inventory and I only have 32m in Central market the 29m from outfit and what I had in already. I literally lost 30$ help please.
  4. Daventry

    Soiled Ogre Ring drop rate

    How exactly does this work or where can I see the level of a node? I dumped like 300 energy into a fishing node but don't see anything visible as to an enhanced level or node.
  5. Daventry

    Artisan memories

    I don't understand how we actually use these to repair gear? Do we still need memory fragments or an extra piece of gear and these just give us more durability? I was under the impression they would work alone like memory fragments?
  6. Daventry

    Map Size

    Everything has been great, best mmo launch every in my eyes and I been playing MMOs since about '95. I have to sit very close to the tv tho while playing or I can't see red or orange dots on map, ? On map etc. Would love a few more map size options. The chat is fairly big and served me no purpose would love a bigger map so I can know what I'm doing and where to go. Thank you guys for this game.
  7. Daventry

    Linked account

    Thanks, is there atleast a link or spot on the site to know where I'm to go on launch or is it on Xbox in game?
  8. Daventry

    Linked account

    Is this broken? Can't seem to figure it out. Wanna make sure I get it looked, some people had luck but I can't seem to get it working. I get a message that says the account is not exist or some broken English like that.
  9. Daventry

    final beta feb 14-17th

    I'll probably just watch video. Hope people can stream and post to YouTube for final beta. I plan on getting to 30 for free pet, dabble in cooking and fishing and learning the stuff I want to test. Not worried about PvP ( I know it's a PvP heavy end game ) that's ok i.just prefer the journey to soft cap.
  10. Daventry


    They also have a part 1 incomplete video series on nodes over a month old...
  11. Daventry

    Missing class's

    I asked them in Q&A if they are working on anything right now and they verified they are just not allowed saying which classes. I see us gaining classes 2-3 at a clip and I believe first few in first month or 2.
  12. Daventry

    Second beta confirmed?

    This will not be free to play ever and having played both of those you couldn't be more wrong. I'm not buying this til. They make an announcement on their own page. You think they would have stated even in the video about it. As of right now I think he made a slip up and they accidently put out info and retracted the statement meaning it could be true but not ready but it also could be something that was a maybe and they don't want to confirm if it doesn't happen.
  13. Daventry

    Photo Mode / Hide UI

    I tried forever to sit on a ledge in beta. From way up on the balcony of a tower couldn't figure it out. Did you have to hold anything in ? I figured out how to back into a wall etc but sitting legs dangling over a ledge seemed different since obviously you can't just jump off lol
  14. Daventry


    Not all, they mentioned in the QnA that they have to re model all the costumes "for some reason?" So we will get more than likely a vanilla pearl shop experience.
  15. Daventry

    Starting abilities

    During beta I played every class a little besides wizard and a whole lot of witch. I struggled to clear monsters fast as all classes besides witch. I think honestly it's just the fact I didn't know the goto abilities. With witch it just came natural and easy to understand the dmg but I seen videos of Zerker and warrior clearing packs ok but my question is. Where can I find starter guides for top 3-4 skills for each class that I might use doing quest grinding 1-50. Every guide I find is Awakening or late game grinding or focusing on everything except early game skills to rotate.