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  1. They should change their name to fulloffrage and they’re probably prepubescent so don’t be to harsh on them....
  2. I’m presuming some of these replies with salt are from ex PC elitists that can’t hold their own, loving the vein in forehead pulsing remark as it’s obvious some of these get guds are super angry about something and just due to the fact that knowledge usually implies a greater awareness, but they’re obviously unaware of the salt spewing from their tongues lmao its true though dude, having full TRI and knowing rotations of your invincible and hyper armours helps to mitigate damage and just takes practice and also good spacing, but it also begs the question just how well geared this player was and if it’s one of the garbage salty pc players come over to Xbox for an easy ride rather than farm a more efficient farming spot!!! my armour is full TET so I’m wondering if this salty wants a fight with me and if he does it’s obvious he’s spewing garbage and he’s TET himself or higher!!!
  3. Although this would be welcomed by many, the devs would have a nightmare with the servers, lag being the main culprit as it’s not exactly great as it is with just Xbox, however, just having Xbox and PS4 could work but I highly doubt a company that loves the cash wanting to lose all that revenue and I learned that from playing eso for all those years and not being able to play or migrate from EU to NA and visa versa! it won’t happen, I’ll put silver on it!
  4. I would presume it’s to stop players making everything possible from that given town city and saturating the market thus eventually lowering the economy to a stagnant state! we can also cancel a job lot, but it will however complete the item being crafted at the time!
  5. I like the ideas especially bounties for perms red players with evil karma, put the shoe on the other foot so to speak!
  6. Before bypasses and motorways, we had to plan our journey ahead of time to get to places! Altinova whilst quite large does have alternate paths depending on location, while a detour/bypass would be welcomed by most if not all players wanting to get to world bosses promptly, planning ahead mitigates the need for such an implementation, but that’s me looking at the map and thinking it wouldn’t be possible unless Mediah castle/Stoneback shore was used and that’s a rather long detour! The other option would be south off Altinova and north off Abun, but again both are close to city and town thus the speed restriction would still be in effect, other than that, south off Marni’s 2nd lab, again, a rather long detour! I’m no developer, just a professional driver off 20+ years helps me see that BDO is a game and not a motorway system!
  7. Change Druid to werewolf and I’m anticipating/wanting for everything else on this list! vampire in the desert though..... workaround?
  8. I agree as the male characters have full sets and here’s me just wanting to run free in just a banana hammock! its not wrong and some would say it’s not right, but if I goto the beech, a hammock it is and personal preference is exactly that!
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