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  1. Thanks for the help. I was able to work it out. I was looking for some sort of cue I was taking the right action when I set the crate down.
  2. Thanks Doktar! I had carries them over and tried setting them at his feet but when I didn't get any cue from the game it never occurred to me to talk to him after each crate! That's some ridiculous nit-picking ****! Gets to my main frustration with this game. So many areas where there's no guidance. Anyway, thanks again! Be safe out there!
  3. I'm almost certain I've tried that and nothing happens. But I can't be sure, I may have just set the crate down and gone to get the next. I'll try again this evening. Thanks for the help! This game has a lot of very finicky requirements that have to be done just so. I don't know how anyone has stuck with it!
  4. When I activate the quest, he highlights like normal as where I'm supposed to go. The crates highlight as well. Once I pick up a crate he turns off, unhighlights, and Isobelle highlights like I'm supposed to deliver them to her. If I go ahead and carry the crate over to Granbill, I get no completion responses whatsoever. If I try to talk with Isobelle and/or Povios, she talks about the importance of delivering the supplies and he yells at me about being lazy. I watched someone do the quest yesterday while I was standing there. They came up, talked to Isobelle, hauled 2 crates over to Granbill chatted with him a moment and done. I'm really thinking I've hit a game breaking bug. And BTW thanks so much for helping me with this and reading this long response!
  5. I have tried everything to make this quest work. My character picks up the crates, it highlights Isobelle and Granbill does not accept them when I carry them over. I picked up every crate in the area and I've tried everything. I can only assume it's bugged.
  6. I've gotten stuck on this quest. I pick up the supplies and the navigator turns off Granbill and turns Isobelle on. I can't deliver the supplies and she gives no more information. I found your post so tried divesting my character of literally everything and I still get the same result. I don't get it. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!
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