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  1. Now that you mention it.... Only noticed because of your post. @CM_Valtarrawhat happened to relic shards?
  2. Open a support ticket and they may help
  3. Alchemy stone, lantern and forgot what it's called but a book thing that increases prognyl silver drops
  4. I know you can fund missions with personal funds, try kick them and see if it let's you use personal funds?
  5. Will it not allow you to them off using your own funds?
  6. No Level or GS requirements, wether your new to the game or a vet who is having a break from the PvP scene all are welcome. Just a relaxed PvE guild with the aim of just enjoying the game, Good knowledge base on most things in game. Whisper Aulesia or send message on Xbox Live: A YorkshireZulu
  7. Theres a spot by the wall you can go and interact with the wall and it will mark as completed
  8. Not a member but never had a bad interaction with the guild, if your casual and want a friendly guild def look at Apex
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