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  1. I fully support this idea but you know they not trying to give us brothers anything unique. I would've be happy with at least more hair options (non-straighten) but that's not happening.
  2. Raisil


    Hello, all I'm asking is if the Musa/Berserker dreadlock hairstyle be usable for the Ninja class please. The slogan "Become your true self" would actually mean something more for me knowing I had this available for my favorite class. I have dreadlocks in real life so there you go. And this is one of the few games that actually have pretty decent looking dreads especially to make a black character.
  3. I'm glad I found this post because I have been feeling the same way. I have the game on both PC and Xbox so it shows how much I enjoy this game. My only issue is I wish I had more options when it came to character customization. I LOVE the ninja but I wish he could have dreads like the Berserker and the Musa do. "Become your true self" for me would include a character with dreadlocks with the class of my choosing. Now with the ninja class being released soon, I really hope they possibly change this.
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